This is How to Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl On Instagram

A longer conversation can be easy if you have one point that makes her impressed. So, how to keep a conversation going with a girl on Instagram?  It’ll help you too, you can see another tip like on how to know if a girl is interested in you or just being friendly? Here are the […]

How Do You Ask A Girl For Her Number On Instagram?

It can make you stressed and painful because you can’t get her phone number. She is really like an Idol, beautiful and very talented.  So, how do you ask a girl for her number on Instagram? It is easy, you can get her number easily with great results. Let’s check on below here. 1. Present […]

How Do I Chat With An Unknown Girl In Instagram?

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How to Get Someone to Notice You On Instagram Without Following Them

You are a fan of someone on Instagram, she is a big star and she is the one of a lead vocal in a group. However, you are too shy to follow her on Instagram. So, how to get someone to notice you on Instagram without following them? Here are the ways. 1. The following […]

How to Get Someone to Notice You’re Sad But Not in Desperate Ways

Well, when you’re friend is sad, send these comforting messages or a friend who is sad. You’re friend is sad because she is depressed. So,  how to get out of this depressed? And how to get someone to notice you’re sad but not in desperate ways? Come on check the lists of ways below here. […]

How to Get Your Kpop Idol to Notice You on Instagram

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Things You Should Never Ever Ask A Gay Or Bi Person and Other Queer

Respect is a must in the circle of socializing. So, while you meet someone or in a group that is different from you, it is honestly you should respect them, like on these things not to say to a bisexual girl. Here are some things you should never ever ask a gay or bi person. […]

This Is How to Get Taylor Swift to Notice You On Tumblr – Swifties Should Know

Taylor Swift is the best female singer that has many lots of fans. Well, if you are really like her so much, how to get Taylor Swift to notice you on Tumblr? Some fans of Taylor Swift do these things to get her attention on Tumblr. So, let’s get started. 1. Pick a nice theme […]

15 Things Not To Say to A Bisexual Girl – How to Respect Someone Else’s Sexual Orientation

There are some things not to say to a bisexual girl, these words are so sensitive. So, this is for you who are not bi do not ever to ask some questions that hurt their feeling. Below here there are some things that not ever to do when your friend is a bisexual girl. 1. […]

My Crush Has A Girlfriend And I’ve Liked Him Before He Had A Girlfriend. What Should I Do?

Are you falling in love with someone? You have a crush with someone he is so handsome, a European man. The benefits of dating a European man there are much. But now, your crush already has a girlfriend. So, in your thought’s say; my crush has a girlfriend and I’ve liked him before he had […]