What to Do When A Capricorn Man Ignoring Text From You, His Love

Nowadays, flirting gets a lot more trendy. People used to write letters that arrive 3-4 days later back then. They flirt and build relationship with someone through letters. Then when telephone comes, people start to call their lovers on their cable phone at home. Things change, and texting becomes more common and usual for communicating. […]

What to Do When A Capricorn Woman Pulls Away Without Obvious Reasons?

When a woman gets angry or mad at you, it might give you headache, trying to figure out the reason why and how to soothe her. You might spend a lot of time, figuring out what to do when a Virgo woman is mad at you, probably even what to do when an Aquarius woman […]

What to Do When A Cancer Man is Quiet Not Like Usual

There are a lot of things that could possibly happen in a relationship. It’s not just about the kiss and hug, nor the date night that give you both sparks. It could be about boredom, affair, third person, different opinions, or even sudden change of attitude. When a man is suddenly being quiet in a […]

What to Do When Scorpio Man Goes Quiet Around You for No Particular Reasons?

People say that woman usually need to rant all the way, telling stories a lot that some men would then feel annoyed. While man, being the opposite, tend to say less words than a woman does. This is normal, and everyone understand this pretty much. Even if there are also guys who love talking, and […]

What to Do When Libra Man Goes Quiet So Suddenly?

Are you in love with a Libra man? Or perhaps you’re having crush on someone who’s a Libra? Then this article might be the right one for you to read. Libra man tends to keep himself open and reap every chance he got. This is why it’s hard for you to trust him at the […]

What Do Virgo and Sagittarius Have in Common? (It’ll Affect Their Relationship)

When two people are attracted to each other, the only thing that matters is not just that spark they both feel when they see each other. It’s also not just about what they like doing together, hobbies, for example. It’s even more than just about two people who are attracted to one and another. It’s […]

What is The Best Thing to Do When a Virgo Man is Distant? (He’ll Love You More)

When you find someone in your class, in your office, or campus, and he caught your attention, then probably what you should do next is not flirt with him. Instead, you gotta ask him when was he born. If only this kind of question is not being seen as awkward, though. Why should this be […]

Why Do I Want My Boyfriend to Cheat On Me? Is This Normal?

Most relationship starts with a smile, hug, and kiss. It started when you both can no longer look at each other just as a friend, you can no longer spent your day without thinking about that person at least once. Then you both decided to move on to the next stage, dating each other with […]

Why Do I Want My Boyfriend to Hit Me? Should I Stay When He Does So?

Problems in a relationship is not just about jealousy and boredom. Violence, is also one of the problems that occurs a lot in a relationship. This is surely not something to belittled on. When a guy hit a girl, it’s quite a serious thing that should be reconsidered and taken action on. Girls would probably […]

What to Do When an Aquarius Woman is Mad at You, The One She Loves the Most?

Dealing with woman is quite tricky, most of the times. People say that woman is complicated. Woman say ‘yes’ when she actually means ‘no’. Other woman might understand that, but man find it hard to comprehend. However, in a relationship, dealing with woman and her temper is not something that man can avoid. How to […]