How to Convince Your Girlfriend’s Parents to Let Her Date You?

If you want to get serious with the girl of your dreams, first you need to grab the approval of her parents. Not many people do this with the proper tools and tricks. That is why the relationship they have soon wither. Do you really want to throw away such a good relationship just because […]

How Do I Tell My Boyfriend That I Don’t Want to Be With Him Anymore, Even Though I Still Love Him?

Love can be complicated. But nothing is more complicated than choosing to leave when all you want to do is stay. How do you tell this to the partner you’re deeply in love with? Every relationship is build with honesty. So, even if the news is heart breaking you need to tell your boyfriend about […]

What If I Find Out That My Wife Is Not A Virgin In Spite She Told Me Earlier That She Is A Virgin?

Virginity is something people keep hidden and for good reasons. There’s no point in telling everyone that you are a virgin or not. But, if your wife is lying to you about her virginity, it’s a different case. In any relationship, especially in marriage, we need to be completely honest with each other or else […]

This Is How to Tell Your Fiance You Don’t Want To Get Married Anymore

The promise of a marriage is really exciting to most of us but it can also be unexciting to some. For the latter, marriage is not their first priority and we’re here to tell you that it is perfectly okay. But, how do you tell your fiance that? The bond between fiances are made to […]

What Should I Do If I Think My Neighbors Are Dealing Drugs?

In a neighborhood, we are usually dealt with a lot of different personalities. Our neighbor can be someone really friendly, a pain in the ass, or something a lot more sinister like a drug dealer. Drugs are an easy way to make cash but it can corrupt the minds of all that comes to touch […]

I Broke Up With My Boyfriend But I Still Want Him: What Do I Do?

When it comes to love, our mind is a wreck. One moment we think that we can never spend a second with him anymore. But the next moment we spend agonized over how much we want him back into our life. How do we deal with this? When it comes to decisions that involves other […]

I Broke Up With My Boyfriend And I Want Him Back But He Has A Girlfriend

It seems like an easy plan to get back with your ex boyfriend. All you need to do is to make him fall in love with you again, right? But what if he is already in love with someone else and he even already have a girlfriend? It’s tough to make a decision when it […]

My Ex Boyfriend Hates Me Because I Broke Up With Him, What Should I Do?

Learning that someone hates you is normal, but what if that person is your ex? It must be really heart breaking to know that someone you were once really close with suddenly hates you. Making someone change their feeling from hating you to loving you is not easy but it is possible. It’s all a […]

Why Does My Ex Boyfriend Hate Me So Much?

Ex boyfriends are someone that can really haunt us with the memories of a once lovely relationship. But what if suddenly that warm bond is cut off by him hating you? It is very hard to get into the mind of ex boyfriends because the intimacy you once had with him in a relationship is […]

Why Do I Have A Feeling He Will Come Back?

When it comes to love, we can be completely clueless about what is to come because more often than not, we are blinded with love. But sometimes the instinct that someone is coming back can’t be brushed off. Should you trust your instinct in this condition? Check if your instinct is true by knowing the […]