My Girlfriend Wants to Party and I Don’t, What Can I Do?

It’s Friday Night! Lots of cool kids would say it out loud and every wild soul is called for it. If your girlfriend is pretty one of them, don’t be surprised when she invites you too tonight. However, we all know not everyone has the same taste within the personality. You might want to stay […]

My Girlfriend Wants Me to Read Her Mind, But How?

It said that you shouldn’t believe the “I’m okay” phrase from a girl like Things to Know Before Dating a Highly Sensitive Person. Your girlfriend might say it with a flat face but you’ll never know deep down inside her mind. Yes, that’s the whole point. They actually try to ask for you to read […]

My Girlfriend Wants to Keep The Baby But I Don’t – Here’s What to Do

Waiting for a baby possibly is one of the happiest moment for a couple. Yet, sometimes accidents happen and therefore not all pregnancies are planned. When you aren’t legally married it means that you haven’t ready either mentally or even financially and also you should remember How Do You Know If God Wants You to […]

My Girlfriend Wants to Look Good for Other Guys – What to Do

Every girlfriend wants to look perfect in front of their boyfriend. They sometimes go too hard to have a gorgeous look thinking about making their boyfriend love them more. It is definitely not wrong since even you love it as long as they didn’t cross the line. Also, you have to read Things You Need […]

My Girlfriend Wants to Get Married After 3 Months – What to Do

There is actually no right time to get engaged with someone you love even though it must be really fast for some people. That goes without nothing because when we just know that person for a quite short time maybe we haven’t really know what kind of person they might be. Even to make it […]

The Ultimate Things to Know Before Dating the Female Paramedic

People hardly know about how difficult it can be dating they that works on a paramedic. They often further think the female paramedic surrounded by these hot guys all the time so it must be easy to find someone. It’s a yes and a no. When we think about the dynamic of it, we can […]

Essential Things You Should Know Before Dating A Transgender Guy

The LGBT issues face the difference of acceptances toward people which creates the pros and cons. Take it offside of that we should know that as a human being we have rights to feel love and be loved. That’s what happens when you’re falling in love with one of them because it’s nobody fault since […]

The Ultimate Things You Need to Know Before Dating Me (Tell Your Crush)

It seems everyone start to search for their date so their life will be more colorful. That also applies to me. Boys around me try to get close and find what they can do so I can be interested to go out with them. Well, just so all of you knows it isn’t easy to […]

Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Weird Person for A Long Term

People tend to want to have a normal person to be their date. Even so, you’re lucky enough if you meet someone mixed from unusual ingredients which is so-called weird like you may want to learn Things to Know Before You Date An ENFP. One thing for sure when you’re dating these kind bunch, your […]

Things to Know Before Dating A Translator for A Long Term Relationship

Dating translators can be intimidating if you got it all wrong. We’re not even talking about individual characters here. They are well-known for being a great bunch with well-organized skill and extremely creative yet imaginative mind. You should learn about Things to Know Before Dating A Teacher too. We can say that having a translator […]