What Is The Cutest Reply for When Your Girlfriend Asks You Why You Love Her?

Have you ever feel or get addicted into something? It can be food, music, or feelings. Once you get addicted into something, you just want to keep repeating to feel the same thing. That’s exactly what your girlfriend is trying to do with you by asking why you love her. No this is not a […]

The Best Answer When Someone Says I Miss You – Love Quotes

We often find ourselves in a confusion when we are faced with a certain condition or situation that we never expected before. No. I am not only talking about the job interview or other things. Because it can be as simple as someone words to you. Such as when someone is saying that they miss […]

The Best Answer When A Girl Says Thank You When You Do Her A Favor

We tend to give different answer to the same statement or question because we faced different people. The relationship that we have with another person define what kind of best answer when a girl says thank you, that we should give to her. And here are some answer and response you can give. Related: Best […]

What to Do When A Guy is Unsure About You?

There are some signs that you can see within a relationship. Those signs show that the relationship already have the red flags and it will come to an end at some point if there is nothing to do about it. It’s not only the signs you’re ready to leave your abusive relationship but it can […]

What to Do When A Guy Uses Too Much Tongue? Filthy Signs

Opening the door for his girlfriend, holding hands, hugs, and kisses are just some of the romantic gesture that someone can shows to let his partner how much he loves her. But, what to do when a guy uses too much tongue? When you feel uncomfortable but you don’t want to make him feels bad. […]

What to Do When A Virgo Woman Is Mad at You? Love Tips

When someone we care the most is hurt or angry because something happened to her, surely we try our best to help her. Whether it’s your crush or your girlfriend, you will surely want to help her to feel better and to forget what was happened. The fact that you are trying to get to […]

The Reasons Why He Won’t Commit But Won’t Leave You Alone?

We all have goals and dreams in life. Our goals and dreams are not always about material things but it can also be emotional goals. Such as to be with someone and loving him as long as we breathe. But what if the reality we face is different? Why he won’t commit but won’t leave […]

What is The Best Reply When A Girl Says I Don’t Talk to Strangers?

Different personalities will require different approach. You can’t just hit up on a girl who is shy and introvert. When you get along with more extroverted people, then you surely confise on knowing what is the best reply when a girl says I don’t talk to strangers. But, here are some tips for you. Related: […]

Best Answer When A Girl Says Thank You When You Confess You Love Her

There are a lot of different reaction to an emotion especially love. Some people canbe so excited about it, and some other people will just stay quite and confused trying to digest what it actually means. After you have done so many things including the romantic things to say to your girl crush you will […]

What is The Best Answer to Say to A Girl When She Asks What You Want?

What is the best answer to say to a girl when she asks what you want than telling her the truth? There is no point to keep making a story to cover the real purpose of you wanting something from her. So in case she ask you again, here’s what you can say to her. […]