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10 Things on Traditional Wedding in Indonesia - Ceremonies - Customs

The wedding is the important process life. The many people mention if the wedding is the door to open the new life. That is why many people do every process in wedding very seriously although it will be spending too much energy. In Indonesia, especially marriage is not only a union between two people but […]

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11 Indonesian Wedding Traditions - Etiquette - Ceremonies - Sacred Customs

Since Indonesia is made up up to 17,000 islands, has six official religions and is home to over 299 different ethnic groups, and keeping up with Indonesia’s wedding etiquette could be overwhelming for some people. If you are about to attend your friend’s wedding in this rich cultured country, we have some quick tips on […]

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18 Rules in Christian Wedding Traditions - Steps - Meaning - Sacred Ceremony

Still in the theme of love, but maybe for now this discussion will be a little hard but happy. Because now we will discuss "Christian Wedding Traditions." After all the happiness and all the sadness that you pass through, this will be final step in your relationship. Yep, that is a wedding. Many of the couple […]

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