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How to Know If A Leo Woman Doesn’t Like You Back

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When you are in love with someone, you will feel so happy when she is showing the obvious signs that she likes you back. These signs can help you not only to generate happiness but also to make sure whether your love to her get the real result from her.


By then, after you know the answer and the signs from her, you can actually move to think on the next step that you need to do and think. To help you with this, here are some information related to how to know if a leo woman doesn’t like you, that can help you to know more.

Signs that she doesn’t like you

The first information that I can give you is the information about some signs on how to know if a leo woman doesn’t like you.

1. Give herself more activities

She will directly give herself more activities to do since she is not good at hiding her feelings. She is avoiding you by making an excuse that she has more work loads or because she is joining in more activities that take her time more. If you are trying to get to close to her even though you know that she is avoiding you, try to put yourself in her position first. By then you will know how to treat her by not annoyed her when she want to create a distance with you.

2. Dumping you

Since she is not good at hiding her feelings, somehow she can directly ignoring you and dumping you. With hope, with her behavior of dumping you, you will realize that she does not like you. But, if you are insisted to get to know her better and know that her heart can be changed, there are some ways to make someone feel guilty for dumping you. A rock can be soft when a drop of water keep hitting the rock continuously.

Even though she is dumping you right know but you know how to handle it in the right way, she will be able to open her heart for you. The key is not giving up on what you really want by knowing the right way to approach her.

3. Avoiding eye contact

She will avoid eye contact with you when she wants to make a distance and showing that she has no interest with you or even talking to you. If you were having a communication with her previously, you may want to try to not contacting her and try to have a break while analyzing her behavior when you are not around her.

Please read another article which is does no contact work if your ex is seeing someone else, because from that article you will be able to know how to make a use of does no contact rule to get your crush. 

Signs that she likes you

But, do not giving up first. Maybe after some effort that you did, she is showing her interest to get to know you better. You can know whether she starts to like you or not by seeing some signs below.

1. Looking for your attention

Leo woman loves to be the center of attention. When she likes you, she will show her interest to you. She will try to get your attention more to here. When she does this, you can also apply some ways on how to get your crush’s attention without being obvious. By then, she will understand that you like her back. So, do not waste your chance once she shows you this sign.

2. Pouring attention and love

When she starts to care and pay attention to the little things that you do, this means that she likes you. What you need to know about a leo woman is that, she want to be loved back by showing that she loves you. So when she is paying attention to the little things that you do, she is hoping that you will do the same thing to her. You can also make some move since she is looking for your attention and she is already into you.

So this is the end of our article today which is about how to know if a leo woman doesn’t like you. Thank you for giving your time to read our article, I hope you can find some useful information here. Please find out more interesting and informative article on our website such as how to know when a leo woman is playing you.

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