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6 Ways on How to Know When A Virgo Woman Is Done with You

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I can think of something worse than someone who is pretending to love you. When you are in the relationship, it will hurt you so much when you finally realize that your partner is slowly giving up on you. But, she is pretending that she still want to be with you in a relationship.


You know that you will not be able to be in a relationship when your partner is giving up on the relationship. What you can do is knowing the ways on how to know when a virgo woman is done with you so you are able to move on and get a better life after you move on from her.

Signs that she is not into you

There are some signs on how to know when a virgo woman is done with you that you can notice directly from your partner. Here are some of the obvious signs that you can notice from your partner.

  1. She wants to be right in all things

The first sign that you need to know or you can notice at the very first place is she will try to win every arguments. This is one from some signs of possessive girl.

She wants to be right about her decision on something is a usual thing in a relationship. But, when someone love you, she will eventually listen to your advice and rethink about her decision, basically she respects your inputs for her. But, if she is done with you, she will not even listen to you.

  1. Has more things to do

Virgo woman will try to cover the things that is not right. For example, she is not into you but she has not decided the right time to break up with you, then she will try to cover that. The way she is covering it up is she is trying to have more activities or work to do so she will be able to look busy in front of you.

  1. Make distance from you

As I have mentioned earlier, virgo woman is always trying to cover up the things that she is trying to hide from you. Sadly, virgo woman is not a good person to cover up things. You will notice it so early. And you can notice it from the way she wants to stay away from you, make distance with you.

Most people will have thousands of reasons why I don’t want a long distance relationship because they cannot be away with their loved ones for so long. So, if she makes an excuse to stay away from you, you will know why she wanted to do it.

Move on tips for a man

A lot of women questioning about how do guys move on so quickly after a bad breakup even though in fact, men are not that easy to move on from their previous relationship. Since she does not want to be with you anymore or even trying to fight together with you in order to have a better relationship with you, then you probably need to move on and get a better life. 

  1. Hangout more with your friend

To help you to move on faster from your ex girlfriend, then you will need some help. You can help yourself to move on faster from her by hangout with your friend more often. You surely will need to know how teens hang out and stay in touch with their closest friends.

By hanging out with your friends you will somehow forget the problem that you had behind. More over, the more friends you have they will ask you to go out more often, and this is good for you.

  1. Take some time to relax

After a break up, you will need to take some time to relax from the things that may depress you. It is okay to cry, if something hurt you and you feel like you want to cry, just release the emotion if it makes you feel better. Take more time for yourself, relax and do the things that makes you happy. Accept the past and let it go, the more you are trying to fight the feelings the more you feel hurt.

This is the end of our article today which is how to know when a virgo woman is done with you. Please find out more article on our website such as why scorpio man loves virgo woman. Thank you for the time given to read this article and may you find it useful.

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