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How to Make a Capricorn Apologize to His Mistakes and Love You Right

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Apology is a written or spoken expression of one’s regret, remorse, or sorrow for having insulted, failed, injured, or teased another, a Capricorn is well known for their self righteousness and stubborn personality, So are there any ways for a Capricorn to Apologize for the mistake that they have made?


How To Make a Capricorn Apologize to His Mistakes 

Well today is your lucky day, there is sure ways that will surely work to make a Capricorn apologize for their mistake, just keep reading through if you want to know.

  1. Make Him Jealous

Playing with fire sure is a fun yet adventurous thing to do when you want to get the attention of your love ones. Even though Capricorn is an ambitious and a business oriented person, but deep inside him he is a loving compassionate man.

It is easy to if you want to catch his attention by making him jealous, have a family member it could be your brother or your uncle to make a fake affair with you, ask him to go on a vacation with you and send your Capricorn man post card of you walking through the beach with your cousin. Since he don’t know anything about it, he will surely feel the fire of jealousy burning him and want to meet you as soon as possible to talk about it.

If he ask you for a meeting bring your cousin also with you, to explain to him that you both are related. After that, start recalling the mistake that he made, he will surely explains about it and finally apologize because he doesn’t want to feel jealous and lose you again. (read also: How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous Through WhatsApp Status)

2. Make Him See What He Did Was Wrong

How to make a Capricorn apologize to His Mistakes? There is no such thing as a perfect person, everybody has their flaws, but only some are able to realize the mistake that they have done. If he has been so ignorant towards you show him that you can have fun without him, if he always skip your movie date request show him that you can have a movie date of your own, if he always compare you to his co-worker show him that you are more beautiful now than ever.

What ever his mistakes is prove him that his attitude or behavior towards you is wrong, action speaks louder than words anyway. (read also: How to Make A Capricorn Man Regret Breaking Up with You)

3. Cry In Front of Him

If you ever caught him cheating with his co-worker this time all along, ask him to have a talk with you and have an emotional breakdown in front of him. If you don’t cry in front of him he who has mummified himself in his sense of righteousness will act all big and superior towards you, which means that he will never apologize for his mistake.

But every man has their soft spot, a Capricorn man cannot stand to see their love ones cry in front of them and finally set aside his ego to apologize towards you. 

4. Explain To Him Logically 

Just to go full godzilla by being angry towards him 24/7 for the mistakes that he has made won’t do any good because he will think that you are an annoying obstacle that stands between him and his career and choose to  do his business stuff than thinking about his mistake. What you want to do is calm yourself, control your emotion and ask him for a ‘we need to talk’ situation.

When you both meet, explain to him that what he did was wrong and it could have a negative impact into your relationship. If you are able to explain it logically and calmly he will see you have matured and apologize because he doesn’t want to lose you.

5. Post Sweet Memories

It is fun to go though the memory line sometime, use you social media to post sweet memories that you spend with him just make sure that he sees all your post. This will stimulate his memory and make him realize that what he did is not right and he should find a way to apologize to you.

6. The Power of Mutual Friends

When you both have a mutual friends while involving in the relationship with each other, you can use him/her as a bridge to connect to your Capricorn man. Have a meeting with him/her and talk about his mistake and what are you hoping for him/her to tell your Capricorn man.

Tell him/her also to keep you posted while he is delivering the message that you want him/her to tell your Capricorn man. He will surely be filled with guilt and itching to apologize to you after hearing stories and what should your Capricorn man do from the mutual friend that you set up earlier. 

8. “Kite”ing

This is the pull and release strategy that you need to do if you want to make him apologize because Capricorn is the type of zodiac that can easily set aside his relationship matters over business meetings. Find the right amount on when and how you should pull him to make him realize and when to release to make him reflect on himself or he is going to lose you forever.

9. Make Over Yourself

Like I have said before even though a Capricorn seems all serious and cold on the outside but inside they are a warm compassionate love partner. Start dressing up, get a new hairstyle, put some make up and post the picture of the latest you on social media. This will knock a sense into his head to realize that he should apologize as soon as possible if he doesn’t want to lose you.

10. Have Some Distance

At first you might think that this is not a wise step to take because when you are dating he rarely answer to your calls and replies to your text on time because he is busy drown away in his own world of contracts and meetings, but you know what if you start to put a distance between you and him he will misses all those annoying text that says how much you love him, he will feel empty and realize that he should apologize to you as soon as possible. (read also: How to Tell Your Long Distance Relationship Boyfriend You Need More Attention)

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