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14 Dating Culture In Sweden (No.3 is Cute!)

Here comes an introduction to dating life in a European country. Europe as the main actor of the Renaissance was known for its free spirit and progressive mind. However, each country was unique and hold its own culture. Dating, courtship, and marriage were part of it. So, how it is really like to be dating […]

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Ways On How To Make A Guy Have Crush On You (No.3 Works!)

Do you have a lovely guy that makes you want him more? Or are you in a long-distance relationship that makes you think if your relationship does have a label? Do you want to make a guy have a crush on you but you don't know how to? If you are a shy heart and want to […]

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Clear Signs She Cares About You More Than Anything

As a boy, frequently you meet with many girls who want to know, connect, and care about you. But, there are some of them only wants to get benefits or only necessary to kill her time with you. Other reasons, she wants to know and close with you, only to get materials or your popularity […]

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31 Signs A Girl Loves You Secretly

The wise word says “girl is the mysterious person that want to other understand what she wants but she never wants to tell about”. It is too complicated for a boy. That is why a girl is a mysterious person that challenging to be understood in this world. The girl is the ambiguous person. If […]

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27+ Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say

Are you wondering whether a man loves you secretly?  Maybe it’s your crush that’s giving you mixed signals? Or it’s a boyfriend who is being guarded with his emotions?  Either way, it’s more common than you may think for a man to struggle to declare his love for a woman. Often, men are worried it […]

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South African Dating Culture (No.7 is Sweet)

Love is a universal language. People fall in love and date every other day. Just like how many cultures are in the whole world, they also have their own dating culture and customs. South Africa, known as the Rainbow Nation, has its own unique and distinctive culture of dating. Located in the land of hippies […]

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26 Signs You Have A Stalker (Your Secret Admire)

Are you one of the interesting people that have lot luckiness, beauty, goods, achievement and good lifestyle in your life? Or a person who has a charming personality that always gets compliments and makes other get envy or have a curiosity to know about your life? If your answer is yes, maybe you have the […]

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Philippines Dating Culture - Traditions And Customs

Philippines dating culture is in some way similar to dating culture in another Asian country, but in another way is also different. Their dating culture is a complicated mix of their original beliefs, religious customs, the influence of the elderly, historical rules, and of eastern and western influence itself. A conservative and traditional Philippines dating […]

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16 Things On Dating Indonesian Chinese - Cultures and Characters

Seems like we never get enough talk about dating matters. Here I’d like to present a particular topic: reasons to date Indonesian Chinese. Chinese is one of the largest races in the world. They spread practically everywhere. We can find Chinatown in almost every country in the world. Particularly in Indonesia, the Chinese have set […]

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Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend #No.5 Is True

There are many relation friends that make us colorful life, such as childhood friends, school friends, neighborhood friends, college friends, work friends, best friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends. From childhood friends, we can continue our relation friends become best friends or boy/girlfriends. Best friend relations are the door to find a soulmate that can fulfill our […]

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