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Should I Give Up on My Crush If She Has A Boyfriend or Not?

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People say that love can touch anyone in any age at any condition. Love is unpredictable and it will shock you somehow. A lot of people are falling in love in someone that they never thought before in an unpredictable time.The way people express their love to their loved one also different to one another.


Different country or background will have different culture such as dating culture in Madrid. This diversity things are often occur. But, how if my crush already has a boyfriend? Should i give up on my crush if she has a boyfriend?

Reason To Give Up On Your Crush

There are some reasons that you need to give up on that girl who is likely to be your crush. These reasons will give you a clear explanation to help you understand more whether you should i give up on my crush if she has a boyfriend or not.

1. There are more than one girl

Seriously, man? If she already has a boyfriend you are going to chase her like there is no other girls in this world? She is a proof that you can be better. The fact that she has a boyfriend already shows you that you are not her type.

So stop to think to take her from her boyfriend and start to think and focus on how you become a better person. There are some disadvantages of dating in high school that you can find if you really are in high school right now. And if you are in high school, it means that you still have plenty of time to start looking the best partner for yourself.

2. Say no to cheater

Have you ever imagined what to do when a girl ghosts you just because she chose someone else over you? If she can breakup with her boyfriend only to be with you, don’t you think that she can do the same thing to you?

And what do you feel if you are in a relationship and someone is trying to break the relationship that you already have? It will hurt you a lot. And there is no guarantee that a cheater won’t cheat anymore in the near future even though there is a possibility of it.

Tips To Get Over Your Crush

I know it is hard to forget someone you love even in this case. So I will give you some tips that you can apply in order to forget her. Knowing how to move on from a relationship when you are still in love and forget her immediately is important to help you to start over a new and better life.

1. Stop looking at their social media

Do you know what does it mean when your ex adds you back on social media? It means they were blocking you from their account. Honestly, blocking someone in the past in order not to stalking or seeing them around is good. Your past need to stay in the past and not following you.

You need to take the lesson of your past and learn better in order not to create the same mistake again. So stop looking at your crush social media, if you can’t then just block or delete your social media, sometimes you need to be bold. 

2. Accept the reality and let go

Second and most important one is to accept the reality and let it go. What else you can do? It already happened, she has a boyfriend and this does not mean that you are too late to approach her and ask her to be your girlfriend. This means that you guys are not belong to be together. Because if you guys do then why did you take so long to be with her? Shouldn’t it be faster because both side was trying to be together?

3. Know that you will get over it

Your life will not end that easy if you are not able to be with her. Know your worth. And know that this problem will pass and you will eventually get over it and live your life happily.

So those are the information I can give you. Hopefully you now can get the answer whether should i give up on my crush if she has a boyfriend or not. And when you start to have a new life meet another girl in the future don’t forget to know about things to say to someone you just started dating to attract them closer to you.

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