25 Signs You Don’t Want to be with Your Girlfriend Anymore

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Being with your girlfriend makes anything happy and light. You adore her so much and you keep on falling in love with her. Well it was nice while it lasted. Now you slowly feel the feeling fading away. What could this mean?

Sometimes a relationship have an expiration date. All this weird negative feelings that you feel towards her right now might be the sign that the time to end it is close. So, to put off your restlessness here are Signs you don’t want to be with your girlfriend anymore:

1. You start to get irritated by her

The things that you loved from her now seems so maddening. It seems that everything she does drives you crazy for no obvious reason. This is a clear sign that you are not into her anymore.

2. You start to imagine being with someone else

Now that you find no happiness in being with her, you start to feel that you might have a better life being with someone else. Someone that offers so much more than her. This is definitely not the Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone

3. You are tired of explaining how you feel

Its common for partners to explain how they feel, in fact it is what strengthen a relationship. But because you do not love her anymore, you do not see a point in explaining anything.

4. You have a lot of unresolved fights

All your fights don’t end in an agreement or at least a conclusion. You just end it with dead silence and pretending to forget. This is because you feel like the relationship is not worth fighting. These fights will slowly mount up and make the relationship break.

5. You are annoyed when you see happy couple

Seeing someone else happy, especially couples just piss you off. You feel this because you don’t feel happy in your current relationship with her and you are jealous with someone else’s happiness.

6. You can go a day without seeing her

Now that the love is gone, you do not feel the need to even see her on a daily basis where before you miss her every second. This is a Signs That He is Falling Out of Love

7. You ignore her calls

This might be a simple thing for you but you start to notice that you do not like her when you ignore her calls continuously. Maybe this is because you are tired of the relationship.

8. You feel drained when you are with her

When you are in love with her, being with her will feel so happy and peaceful. Now, simply being with her will feel tiring.

9. You want to change her

When you want to change her because you feel like she is not enough that’s when you show the Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally . Break the relationship before you break her.

10. You avoid her

You go to the bar when she is home and you try to avoid her at any cost. This is clearly the Signs you dont want to be with your girlfriend anymore.

11. You say that she deserves so much better

Before, you do not want her to leave you. Now you think that you will be happy when you see her being with someone else. This persisting thought is a sign that the love is not there.

More ways to know That you do n0t want to be with your girlfriend anymore

Signs you don’t want to be with your girlfriend anymore:

  1. You do not see a future with her – you do not see you and her being together for a long time and it means that the relationship is ending
  2. You stop apologizing – your ego rises and you don’t feel like you owe her your apologize
  3. You stop finding ways to make her happy – her happiness is not your priority which means you do not love her
  4. You stop adoring her– you don’t find her awesome or great. She is just another person
  5. You stop caring about what she feels – you do not care that she feels sad or angry.
  6. You hurt her on purpose – this is the biggest sign that you are not in love with her anymore
  7. You delete her pictures on your phone – you do this because you do not think that she is important any more
  8. You stop taking her on dates – dates will not be fun if you do not have an excitement for your partner anymore
  9. you forget the little things about her – you slowly forget the pretty little details about her
  10. you zone out when you are with her – your mind are wandering whenever she is talking

Tips on what to do if you do not want to be with her

1. Analyze – find the root of the problems. Is it because you don’t feel confident in the relationship? Is it because she doesn’t understand you? Find the source of the problem to fully be prepared to do anything about the matter
2. Talk to her – nothing wrong in telling her how you feel. Discuss what is on your mind and you might get a new insight from her. Make her understand the problem you are facing.
3. Break it off slowly– do not blatantly blame her or end it with a fight. End it in a mature way by having a real conversation about what you want to say.
4. Move on and heal – this is the last step which is to find Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship. Grow as a person and it might help you get into a much better and happier relationship.

The Signs you don’t want to be with your girlfriend anymore is shocking and sad. But you need to make peace with the fact that it had to end and from there you can build a new life.