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20 Hidden Signs That He is Jealous of You with Another Guy

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Having a relationship is about building a trust. Since you and your partner are hoping to keep the relationship going strong, there should be no secret, no lie, no betrayal between the two of you. Be honest about everything to each other is a key to avoid those things that will lead to trust issues. No need to be ashamed to open up about the flaws and the past. True love will accept whatever the flaws and the past of the people in love.


There are so many ways to express love. We must have heard a lot that jealousy comes when there’s love. When a person really loves someone they’re scared that somebody else is being so close to the one they love. Being jealous is okay cause it shows how a person doesn’t want to lose the one they love. The over-jealousy is dangerous cause it will only cause distrust. Trusting each other is the key to handle the jealousy. These are signs that he is jealous that you need to know if his jealousy has gone over the limit.

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1. He doesn’t let you talk to other guys

There are times that you have to come in contact with guys. If he knows that you are in a conversation with a guy he doesn’t know, he will come in between. He won’t let you talk to another guy without him around. If it bothers you how he always thinks that every guy you meet is trying to get close to you, he’s actually out of his league.

Like come on, if a random guy on the street asks you for a direction, should your boyfriend be thinking that random guy you only met 2 minutes ago asking for a direction will ask you out on a date?

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2. He thinks your friends are trying to hit on you

You have some friends who are guys and you’re quite close to them. As a friend, it’s usual for you to have a talk, hang out, and have fun with those guys. But, your boyfriend thinks that getting closer with your guy friends is not a good thing.

He doesn’t believe that there will be no feelings between you and your friends. Just because your friend is asking you to hang out, he’s sure that your friend is trying to seduce you. There’s no way denying that his jealousy is going out of line.

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3. He follows you everywhere

When you say you’re going somewhere, he offers to go with you. He will cancel all his plans so he can go with you. It sounds really good to have that kind of boyfriend who will go wherever you will go. But, it’s not good anymore if he always follows you like everywhere you are he’s there too. Sometimes, you need a moment with your friends without him tailing you. You should be asking yourself whether you’re dating a guy or hiring a bodyguard.

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4. He checks your phone

He knows every contact, every call, every message, and every picture that is on your phone. Your phone is like his own phone. Seems like, he has to know who wants to communicate with you. Most of all, he wants to make sure that there’s nothing you keep a secret about and you don’t see anyone else behind his back.

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5. He won’t let you go out alone

Sometimes, you have something to do where you prefer to go alone. When he knows that you’re about to go somewhere without him, he won’t let you. He will go with you or you’re not going. How is it not bothering you if you have to cancel your plan just because he won’t let you?

6. He asks you where you were

Every time you just showed up to him, he wonders where you were all the time he wasn’t around. He wants to know that you’re not going somewhere with someone. He interrogates you until he’s convinced that you tell the truth. It’s so annoying how you feel more like a criminal when he doesn’t believe in what you say about where you were.

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7. He always picks you up

When it’s time to go home after work, he’s already there waiting for you to take you home. Hanging out with the coworkers will hardly happen if he always picks you up on time. You never have space for your own cause he has a fixed schedule for you to follow. Once he takes you home you can’t go anywhere unless he’s going with you. Better note the signs that he is jealous.

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8. He asks you about all of your exes

As his girlfriend, you told him about your love history, like your first love, your high school romance and those people you went on dates with. But somehow, it’s still not enough for him. He wants you to tell all the details about every guy who ever had a special place in your heart. He wants you to convince him that you’re over them and everything’s completely done between you and them.

9. He doesn’t want you to wear too much makeup

He warns you to wear less makeup. That’s one of the signs that he is jealous. It’s because he doesn’t want you to be the center of attention, especially to the guys. Wearing much makeup will make you look more beautiful and he thinks that it’s not good that some other guys think you’re beautiful. You belong to him and he won’t let anyone else’s catches feelings for you.

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10. He does something to show you that he’s better than another guy

When he knows that there is a guy that you think is attractive but not in a romantic way, he tells you that he’s better than that guy. Let’s say, there’s a guy who has a sexy abs and you admit that that guy looks good with that abs. Your boyfriend knows it and tries to start doing exercise to have a sexier abs.

11. He complains that you’re too busy

When you’re busy at work, he’s worried even more. He suspects that you have something else pulling your attention. It scares him to death that you may have another affair behind his back. Every time you choose your business over him, he thinks that you’re cheating with your coworker.

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12. He doesn’t like it when you bump into your ex

The truth that your past with your ex is so long gone hasn’t made him believe that you’re completely over your ex. He thinks that there’s always a possibility that you or your ex still have the same feeling. When you accidentally meet your ex, your boyfriend won’t let you keep in touch with him again.

13. He checks on every guy who follows you on social medias

Since he’s very concerned about the other guys around you, he even checks on every guy who’s friend with you on Facebook and follows you on Twitter and Instagram. It creeps him out there is a guy who stalks you and is obsessed with you. His anxiety is just too much.

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14. He calls you every time

What’s more signs that he is jealous? Whenever you’re not with him, he always wants to know what you’re doing, who you’re with and when you’re going home. He calls you like every hour and texts you every minute. Your best friend even thinks that he is more like an operator than a boyfriend.

15. He wants to hear you say you love him

He’s so scared to lose you so bad. It worries him that you will find somebody else better than him. He wants to know that he’s the only one in your life that there will be no one else can take his place in your heart. He wants you to convince him that you love him.

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16. He doesn’t like it when you talk about another guy

He doesn’t like it when you talk about how your best friend’s boyfriend is so cute. It bothers him when you’re coworker is being promoted to a higher position. When you compliment your boss for being so nice, he thinks that you’re being too dramatic.

17. He doesn’t let you dress too sexy

Every time you guys are going to an event, he doesn’t let you wear a dress that he thinks will pull someone else’s attention. He chooses you a dress that he thinks will look better on you and won’t make the guys see how hot you are.

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18. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends

His anxiety about somebody else having an interest in you doesn’t stop to your friends only. You barely know his friends, cause he never introduces you to them. It’s like he tries to avoid the possibility of his friends being a backstabber for stealing you from him.

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19. He’s worried when you’re going to a reunion

The school reunion is where you will meet your friends, your ex, your ex-crush and those who had crushes on you whether you knew it or not. Your boyfriend anxiety grows bigger cause he’s afraid that the reunion will bring back the unfinished romance.

20. He wants to know all your guy friends

He tries to get to know your counterparts, your boss, your neighbors or any guys you deal with in daily life. It’s his way to make sure that they don’t have a chance to have any special relationship with you.

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More Signs of A Jealous Guy

Here are more signs that he is jealous of you cause he just loves you too much:

  1. He gets mad when you don’t list him as a priority
  2. He gets mad but don’t want to admit it
  3. He pretends that it’s okay to see you someone else
  4. Bun he gets burn inside and out
  5. He wants to hug you more closely
  6. He becomes possessive about you
  7. He gets upset when someone else attracts you
  8. He says bad things about your male friends
  9. Sure, he stakes you
  10. His mood swing every time

Those are signs that he is jealous shows how his jealousy is out of control. Being jealous is a sign of love, but keep in mind if trust is what matters.

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