What to Do When A Guy Just Wants to Sleep With You? A Hook Up?

It is so extraordinary to meet somebody where the science is there. At some point, you feel the energy of a “love connection”. The invigorating discussion and comparative qualities you share with them give you motivation to think that he is an individual you would appreciate becoming acquainted with for a conceivable relationship. However, that […]

Things to Know Before Dating A Girl Who’s Close With Her Mom

Dating a girl might sound like a simple business. You only need to get to know her, make her fall in love with you, and then maintain that love in a relationship. But in reality, the case is different when the girl is attached with someone else. Our mother is an important figure in our […]

If You Find Out Your Husband Was a Crossdresser, What Would You Do?

Crossdressers are judged negatively by the society. Men crossdressers are considered abnormal because they like to dress like a woman, which later raise suspicions from people. However, this kind of habit dies hard and will be carried no matter how old the person is. They are also aware that their existence are not well-received, so […]

What to Do When A Guy is Unsure About You?

There are some signs that you can see within a relationship. Those signs show that the relationship already have the red flags and it will come to an end at some point if there is nothing to do about it. It’s not only the signs you’re ready to leave your abusive relationship but it can […]

What To Do When a Guy Unfollows You on Instagram – Stay Cool!

So how do you feel when you are being unfollowed on Instagram? Instead of who unfollowed you, what bothers you more is why you are being unfollowed – regardless of the culprit. Well, following and unfollowing has somehow becomes a new parameter to measure each other’s preference. If you don’t follow me then you don’t […]

The Reasons Why He Won’t Commit But Won’t Leave You Alone?

We all have goals and dreams in life. Our goals and dreams are not always about material things but it can also be emotional goals. Such as to be with someone and loving him as long as we breathe. But what if the reality we face is different? Why he won’t commit but won’t leave […]

How to Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Being Clingy and Needy?

It really is hard not to miss your partner or crush when both of you are apart and away from each other for some time. Some people are still within the phase or period where they are trying to get to know someone that they like better, so they don’t want to ruin their effort […]

What Do You Write in an 80th Birthday Card for A Man? Birthday Wishes Idea

Birthday has been one of the mans celebration in life. It is an occasion, a chance, to be grateful for whatever that we have today because we are given another year to life. Some people do take birthday celebration seriously, and it is also a good thing for us to actually take a break to […]

If He Loves You, Will He Come Back No Matter What?

When it comes to simple love, you really don’t know what to expect. One day he can love you with his whole heart but one day he might simply leave you in the dirts. But, when he is head over heels in love with you, if he loves you he will come back no matter […]

Different Types of Straight Guys and How to Get Them to Love You

For you girls out there, this kind of article must be something you have been waiting for. Well, you need information of different types of straight guys and how to get them to love you. Because actually – whether you realize it or not – it’s easier for women to fall in love with a […]