7 Ways on How to Get Over of Your Long Term Relationship

Anyone who has ever been in long term relationship must have their own difficulties. Not like many short relationships, it might be harder for a partner that wants to end their long term relationship. One of the reasons why it is harder to end it is because of the time spent together. But remember that […]

9 Most Important Things in a Relationship You Must Know

Doesn’t that ignite fuzzy feelings of affection and joy within your heart when you see an old couple arm in arm or exchanging sweet kisses while sitting on a park bench? Doesn’t it lead you to think about how they’ve sustained a relationship for many years while people you meet are struggling to make it […]

6 Most Common Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You

Knowing about someone who likes us or is attracted to us, will certainly be fun for some people. But some may feel uncomfortable about it. Both men and women, usually they have their own most common signs when they start to like and be attracted to someone they like. Sometimes, whether you realize it or […]

What Girls Think about When They Said “I Have Never Done This Before”

When She Says I’ve Never Done This Before, What She Really Means? For many teenagers, having sex for the first time is considered a big deal. It is one of the memorable moment in their life. Many spent hours thinking about it but sometimes they get rushed into it by their friends or boyfriends. In […]

How to Deal With A Girl Who Friendzoned You? Get Out of It!

Every relationship has its own problem, even before someone really jump into a relationship, there are a lot of problem that need to be deal with. Yes, it is not an easy thing to approach someone that we like in hope that she will like us back. But, do keep that in mind that we […]

How to Deal with A Girl Who Doesn’t Know What She Wants?

There are times where people are confused on what to do or basically they simply don’t know what they need to do. Everyone will go through this phase. The phase of your life where you are still trying to seek the purpose of your life or as simply as seeking on what kind of goals […]

When You Tell a Guy You Miss Him and He Doesn’t Say it Back (Don’t Panic)

Sometimes words can build things up, or ruin everything at once. It all depends on how you say it out, who listen to it, and how’s the situation at that current times. When you know you feel such a strong longing for a guy, you might want to say it out loud, but then feeling […]

Why Do Guys Change After 6 Months Relationship and How to Handle It

Have a long-lasting relationship obviously what everyone expects and wish to happen. Being reached six months with your lover is quite a good step to able to take the relationship into more serious commitment. However, also by being lasted six months, you and your partner will start to show your true nature which can be […]

20 Cancer Man Traits in a Relationship and Compatibility

The Cancer sign is depicted as a crab. People falls under the zodiac if they are born between June 21st and July 22nd. A cancer man has his own set of traits that sets him aside from the other signs in the zodiac. He behaves in a particular way when he is in a relationship […]