Most Beautiful Woman In Egypian History, Must see!

Ancient Egypt they live in the desert of northeastern Africa, their livelihood is agricultural population depend on Nile river. Ancient egypt’s wealth come from flood of Nile valley which is if nile valley going to flood in can make fertile agriculture and Nile valley become a transportation for public in Ancient egypt. Further more there […]

This Is What to Say to A Girl When She Says She’s Not Beautiful

Beauty standard have varied throughout the era but it still have a strong grip on almost every woman. Even though beauty doesn’t exist in a certain feature only, a girl sometimes can’t see that because of societal pressure. That is why girls call themselves ugly all the time. When a girl feels like she is […]

20 Simple Ways to Look Naturally Beautiful on A Daily Basis

There is no woman who does not want to feel beautiful. To be beautiful, a woman must know how to take good care of herself as that will influence her appearance. There are a lot of factors to consider. The face, the body, the hair and even the clothing items that a woman wear will […]