8 Ways to Get Along with Your Boss

Now, your supervisor should be someone most of you have been in contact with for the rest of your career. Okay, you’re going to work for that man-probably for a short period, possibly a year or two-but for the bigger picture, you’re building relationship and trust. You rarely see how this man is going to […]

What To Do If Your Boss Doesn’t Like You ? JUST DO IT

We’re living in the world where everyone needs love from each other, but you must know that a person can hate you in the way you are it depends on your relationship to every person, if you have a bad realtionship for example you realized that you have awakward relationship first thing to do is […]

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Putting Your 2 Weeks In

We all need something new in our life once in a while and sometimes that could mean going to a new job. But how do you politely say that you’re quitting without damaging the relationship between you and your workplace? It’s important to give a 2 weeks notice so that your boss can make the […]

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Quitting After 6 Months – Work Life and Balance

Six months might sound like a small amount of time but if it’s spent in the job you’re not a fit for, it can feel like a lifetime. How do you tell your boss that you’re moving on to another job? Quitting is never an easy topic to talk about. Talking about it can sever […]

How to Tell Your Boss You’ve Got Diarrhea and Can’t Come to Office

When it comes to work, keeping it professional can be a challenge. The test of your professionalism comes when something urgent happens but it is so embarrassing. How do you handle it? Diarrhea is something common yet it is still seen as a disgusting disease. When you are in this situation, going anywhere will further […]

How Do You Ask for A Raise If You Are Underpaid?

You have worked so hard in your job. You really have given your all, but you don’t go home feeling fulfilled. The reason why is probably because of how your hard work doesn’t lead you to an equal and fair pay. Underpaid workers exist everywhere, the question is are you ready to ask for more. […]

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Overworked and Underpaid?

Working in a reasonable amount of time and with a huge pay is the dream for every employee. But sadly, that’s not always what happens in a working environment. What happens instead is being overworked and underpaid. Being in this condition continually can lead to a burn out. That is why you need to do […]

How Do You Tell Your Boss You’re Leaving For A New Job?

A new job can host  a hundred new possibilities, so it’s impossible for you to not get excited about it right? But transitioning to a new job is not that simple because you still have your current boss to face. Saying that you’re quitting to your boss can either make or break your relationship with […]

How Do You Know If Your Boss Is Verbally Abusive?

Working can be a long and grueling work. The hours and workload can really bring us down. What is worse is if you have someone abusive that makes the work space more uncomfortable. Do you realize who this person is? Maybe you have a vague idea of who it is, could it be your boss? […]

What to Do When Your Boss is Not Happy with You

If you want a promotion at work, you must appeal to your boss by improving your performance no matter what. But what to do when your boss is not happy with you because of your performance? Then you’ll have a lot of homework to do. You may not realizing this, as you think everything is […]