What To Do When a Guy is Afraid of Commitment – Is He Worth It?

A real relationship requires on solid foundation: commitment, which is also something a lot of people afraid of. Especially for guys, commitment is like an envelope where their freedom would be taken once they start to do it. As for women, commitment means a guy is serious with her. But what to do when a […]

Why Do I Want My Boyfriend to Hit Me? Should I Stay When He Does So?

Problems in a relationship is not just about jealousy and boredom. Violence, is also one of the problems that occurs a lot in a relationship. This is surely not something to belittled on. When a guy hit a girl, it’s quite a serious thing that should be reconsidered and taken action on. Girls would probably […]

I Broke Up With My Boyfriend But I Still Want Him: What Do I Do?

When it comes to love, our mind is a wreck. One moment we think that we can never spend a second with him anymore. But the next moment we spend agonized over how much we want him back into our life. How do we deal with this? When it comes to decisions that involves other […]

I Broke Up With My Boyfriend And I Want Him Back But He Has A Girlfriend

It seems like an easy plan to get back with your ex boyfriend. All you need to do is to make him fall in love with you again, right? But what if he is already in love with someone else and he even already have a girlfriend? It’s tough to make a decision when it […]

How to Tell Your Parents You Are Going on Vacation with Boyfriend and Make Them Say Yes!

You’ve dreamed about this fantastic vacation for so long. It’s all you can think about. But you also need to find a way how to tell your parents you are going on vacation with boyfriend. Turn that frown upside down and use our tips: 1. Tell Mom or Dad First You can choose the one […]

How to Get an Indian Boyfriend – The Important Points

Dating is something challenging yet adventurous for young people. They don’t mind to date literally anyone from different culture and country, as long as they are the decent one. So if you are asking how to get an Indian boyfriend, not much of a surprise to us. Because, yes, it’s highly possible for you to […]

How to Tell Your Christian Parents You’re Moving in with Your Boyfriend and Live Together?

The time will come when we need to decide things on our own because we are independent and responsible enough for it. One of it is to know how to tell your christian parents you’re moving in with your boyfriend. They can give different reactions than what you thought somehow. Even though you already saw […]

This is What to Say to Your Boyfriend on Your 2 Month Anniversary

Nothing feels better than celebrating a new love in your life. So you’re just dating this guy and the newfound happiness makes you feel more alive than before. In the blink of an eye, your second month anniversary is coming up. To say that he’s the one is too early, but not to celebrate it […]

How Would You Feel If You Found Out Your Boyfriend Was Bisexual? Would You Feel Anything?

To be in a relationship with someone we love isn’t always easy. Yes, we can be together with someone we love through everything. Which also means we must get to see their bad side, the side that can make us drop our tears. Such as by knowing the clear signs your boyfriend is cheating on […]

What to Say to Your Boyfriend When You Are Mad at Him – Make Him Love You More

It’s easy to blame everything on your boyfriend when he does something wrong that makes you angry at him. You might even end up saying things you’ll regret later on, which is why it’s important to let your boyfriend know you are upset with him but without pushing him away. Before Talking to Your Boyfriend […]