How to Tell Your Boyfriend Who Still Loves You That You Don’t Love Him Anymore

Sure, being heart broken hurts. But people never tell you how horrifying it is to feel the love that you build towards someone drains itself out of your soul. Suddenly, what you love about that person becomes something you hate and you can’t seem to reverse the process. Signs That You’re Falling Out Of Love […]

What to Say to Your Boyfriend When You Are Mad at Him – Make Him Love You More

It’s easy to blame everything on your boyfriend when he does something wrong that makes you angry at him. You might even end up saying things you’ll regret later on, which is why it’s important to let your boyfriend know you are upset with him but without pushing him away. Before Talking to Your Boyfriend […]

What to Say When Your Boyfriend Wants to Kill Himself? Read This!

Mental remains a serious issue nowadays. We can’t judge how hard things are in someone’s life that they have to deal with depression, which could lead to suicide eventually. All these time you may have inly read other’s stories, never experienced yourself or have your closest people go through it. Until one day you find […]

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Isn’t Talking to You so Suddenly? Is He Ghosting You?

Having a boyfriend doesn’t only mean you get to go out on a date every week, enjoying good food together, cuddling in the middle of the night, not even having someone to pick you up anytime. It’s also not just about what to do with a girl when it’s cold outside. It’s not as simple […]

He Has Been Ignoring My Calls and Texts for About A Month but I Can’t Stop Calling Him. I Need Closure. What Do I Do?

Sometimes we wonder why guys do this. They like you and very enthusiastic in the beginning. They want to know a lot about you, asking so many questions, compliments and being all over sweet and nice. You fell for him, sometimes when you didn’t previously. You think you just found yourself a guy who’s genuinely […]

My Boyfriend Has Suddenly Disappeared and Stopped Texting/Calling. Should I Call Him One More Time to See If He Picks Up So I Can Get Closure?

The act of disappearing in dating is actually quite common. Whether you just date him for a week or maybe even months, everyone is prone to get a broken heart in the most unfashionable way: he simply disappears. Not text, no call, no goodbye, nothing. This phenomenon is called ghosting, referring an act of disappearing […]

What Does It Mean If I Don’t Feel Anything When My Boyfriend Kisses Me?

You’ve been in a relationship for a while yet you don’t feel any sparks when you kiss your boyfriend. He might enjoy it and felt some sparks but you might not. So what does it mean?  There are many factors as to why you feel that way, lets look at it both from you and […]

Should I Marry My Boyfriend When I Don’t Feel The Spark Anymore?

Marriage is an important part of life. It is the beginning of the family and a life long commitment. Now deciding to marry someone even though you have no feeling towards him. It is a risk taker, because there will be a fear of regret on your part since you’ll see him everyday for the […]

I don’t feel any excitement when I’m with my boyfriend anymore but I don’t feel like letting him go. I don’t want to. Why?

We’ve all being there and its part of life: breaking up and making up relationships. You feel that you had enough of him but you just can’t let him go. Its probably you still hold beautiful memories with him, its your inner though that wants to continue to stay with him. Here are some reasons as […]

What Can I Do If I Feel Bored of My Boyfriend and Sometimes I Feel I Don’t Love Him Anymore but Actually I Do

There are different kind of couples we have the inseparables, the office couple, the travelers and of course we have the bickers where one likes to make remarks behind each others back. Whatever couple you are there will always be a spat between the two of you. Other time you feel a unhappy with you […]