Read These 7 Steps to Breakup Through Text

Break up is the last way you have to try if you find out that your relationship is impossible to be kept. Usually, people proposing break up if they feel do not have the same vision anymore. It does not mean that that person if not loyal or wants to change into another heart but […]

How Can You Tell If an Ex Still Loves You after Months of a Breakup but is Just Hiding It?

Thinking about whether your ex still loves you is normal after a break up. Regardless of whether you are biting the dust to get back together or would prefer to remove your left thumb than date them once more, you cannot just resist searching for signs with respect to how they are actually feeling. How […]

I Constantly Think About Ex Sleeping With Someone Else, What Should I Do?

Breaking up doesn’t guarantee that the feelings of love will also end at that time. Sometimes it takes weeks and months  to get over it. But sometimes, it takes longer because I constantly think about ex sleeping with someone else, What should I do? It’s hard enough to lose your ex but it’s tougher to […]

What Is Wrong with Me If I Am Still in Love with My Ex Two Years After Our Breakup?

Sometimes you can’t get over your ex no matter how hard you try, even if it has been two years after you broke up. While others may tell you to just get over it, it’s actually okay to grieve. Everyone grieves in different ways, and you may just be taking your time trying to accept […]

How Does A Taurus Man Feel after a Break Up

Taurus man is equivalent to the stubborn bull. But how does he react to a break up? In case you’re wondering the different kinds of emotions that he goes through then keep on reading.

My Ex Wants to Know Why I Broke Up with Him. Should I Be Honest?

Should you be honest if your ex suddenly wants to know why you broke up with him? It actually depends on the sole reason as to why you broke up with him. It also depends on what your motive is. Did you withhold the truth because you did not want to hurt him?  Or is […]

I Am Not Being Able to Move On After Breaking Up with My Girlfriend. I Broke Up Because I Did Not Love Her Anymore. What Should I do?

If you are positive that you do not love her anymore but feel really bad about ending things then you do not actually have issues moving on. You are just facing what most humans do not: Guilt. You have a conscience that does not allow the idea of hurting other people and that is the […]

I Broke Up with My Boyfriend and He Did Not Say Anything. What Does It Mean?

Your boyfriend goes silent after you break up with him for a reason and there are a lot of ways to cope with it. One of them is to know whether or not your boyfriend can handle the break-up well. In other words, you need closure. Sometimes closure looks different than what you imagine it to be. Sometimes you […]

What Does It Say about A Person Who Will Not Break Up Face to Face?

In all honesty, it shows how lacking in common decency and character the person is. If you have a break-up like that which in this case, you had been intimate with your ex-partner, in one instance, you realized in retrospect why they broke the relationship off and even so, they did it in a particularly […]

Is It Normal to Still Miss Your Ex Even Though You Have A New Boyfriend and You Love Him?

You’ve just moved on from a previous relationship and found yourself in love with someone new. Everything’s going great until you suddenly find yourself missing your ex. You’re happy with your new boyfriend and you love him, but for some reason you can’t keep your ex out of your head. So, is it normal to […]