What to Do When My Parents Love My Younger Brother More Than Me? Stay Cool Around Them!

You notice that your brother gets more attention. Turns out that your parents do like him more. Now you’re feeling left out and think to yourself, “What to do when my parents love my younger brother more than me?” These are some of the best tips for you: 1. Speak Up There’s really no point […]

How to Get Your Brother to Stop Annoying You and Make Him Listen Right Away

It’s fun to have a younger brother. You’ll never be alone anymore. But he can really get on your nerves sometimes. Now you’re looking for ways on how to get your brother to stop annoying you. Here are some of the best things to do: 1. Promise to Play Later Is your brother asking you […]

Fun Ways to Tell Your Brother that You are Pregnant

Congratulations if you are currently pregnant! It’s a happy moment that you can’t wait to share with your loved ones, especially if you have a brother. Ditch the usual, boring announcements and try out these fun ways to tell your brother that you are pregnant. Fun Ways to Tell Your Brother that You are Pregnant […]

How to Tell Your Brother when His Girlfriend Is Cheating with Someone Else

Delivering a bad news to a brother you love is not something that you look forward to. This case can be difficult if it’s about cheating. So you caught your brother’s girlfriend cheating but you don’t want to keep it to yourself. You want your brother to know ASAP but you’re not sure how to […]

How to Tell Your Brother when You are Dating His Best Friend

Some brothers are ecstatic to know you’re dating their best friend. However, some brothers will be very upset. It all depends on how he sees it and how he feels about his best friend. No brother wants his sister to get their heart broken. So break the news gently to your brother. Here’s a guide […]

How to Tell Your Brother to Stop Annoying You

Do you have a brother or sister? Does he or she love to annoy you? All brothers and sisters in the world do annoy to their younger. Well, there are many reasons why your brother does this to you. However, can it be we as the younger stop our brother to annoying? Below here there […]

This Is How to Deal with Brother’s Annoying Girlfriend

Is your brother’s girlfriend annoying? He may not think so but you certainly do. There could be a particular reason, multiple even. But the main thing is that you find her annoying. So get to know how to deal with brother’s annoying girlfriend in these numerous ways. 1. Keep it to Yourself Sometimes you just […]

This Is How to Tell Your Best friend You Like Their Brother So Much

You have one best friend that you love, in here she said that she has an old brother. She tells all of about him to you, while you meet her brother, you feel that your heart is beating. So, how to tell your best friend you like their brother? Let’s check these out. 1. The age difference […]

How to Tell If Your Brother’s Best Friend Likes You In a Glance

Falling in love with your friend? Neighbor? Senior? Workmate ? Those are very usual. But, what if it’s your brothers’ or sisters’ friend? Just how awkward and confusing could that be. However, no need to worry about anything if such situations really happen to you. All you have to do is to first understand few […]

This is What to Do when You Don’t Like Your Brother’s Girlfriend

It’s always nice to know that a family member is happy. So when your brother gets a girlfriend, you should be ecstatic right? After all, being in love is a wonderful thing and he has found someone who makes him happy. But that’s not always the case. For some reason, you may not get along […]