9 Possible Reasons Why You Should Leave a Cheater

How did you feel when you knew your partner cheated on you? Do you forgive them and stay together or do you end your relationship? Should you give another chance for your cheating partner? Some people might think that if someone cheat on their partner they deserve another chance as long as they realize their […]

9 Logical Reasons Why People Cheat

Have your ever been cheated on by your partner? How doe it feel? It must hurt, right? It feels like your partner has betrayed you after you gave them your love. They have done something terrible that hurt you and deserve no apology. But, why do they cheat on you? Is it really their fault […]

What Is The Cutest Reply for When Your Girlfriend Asks You Why You Love Her?

Have you ever feel or get addicted into something? It can be food, music, or feelings. Once you get addicted into something, you just want to keep repeating to feel the same thing. That’s exactly what your girlfriend is trying to do with you by asking why you love her. No this is not a […]

Things to Know Before Dating A Girl Who’s Close With Her Mom

Dating a girl might sound like a simple business. You only need to get to know her, make her fall in love with you, and then maintain that love in a relationship. But in reality, the case is different when the girl is attached with someone else. Our mother is an important figure in our […]

What Do Pisces Need in A Relationship? Make Them Happy While Dating You!

Pisces go with the flow, like water. Despite that, they have their specific needs from a partner. What Do Pisces Need In a Relationship? If you’re really into your Pisces, then here’s a good chance you’ll get to know more on what do Pisces need in a relationship. Find out more here: 1. Freedom to […]

What to Do When A Guy Uses Too Much Tongue? Filthy Signs

Opening the door for his girlfriend, holding hands, hugs, and kisses are just some of the romantic gesture that someone can shows to let his partner how much he loves her. But, what to do when a guy uses too much tongue? When you feel uncomfortable but you don’t want to make him feels bad. […]

What To Do When a Guy is Afraid of Commitment – Is He Worth It?

A real relationship requires on solid foundation: commitment, which is also something a lot of people afraid of. Especially for guys, commitment is like an envelope where their freedom would be taken once they start to do it. As for women, commitment means a guy is serious with her. But what to do when a […]

How Do You Tell Your Girlfriend Parents Their Daughter is Pregnant?

Both planned and unplanned life is always unpredictable. We might feel like we already did something so carefully, but the results can be different. The same thing can be happening within a relationship especially when nowadays promiscuity is developing. So, how do you tell your girlfriend parents their daughter is pregnant? Lucky you, here are […]

What to Say to Your Girlfriend When She Thinks She is Pregnant?

Asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for a permission, that’s what other people say. But it will surely hard to ask for a forgiveness once you did a mistake that stick to someone whole her life, especially once you decided  not to take responsibility on it. So, to leave everyone happy you will need […]

What Does It Mean When Someone Pushes You Away in Their Sleep? (Beware of No.1)

Cuddling at night in bed could be one of the things that makes everyone want to be in a relationship. Come on, the best way to fall asleep for some people would be in their loved ones’ arms. It’s warm, it feels nice, and it’s just comfortable. Why short girl and tall boy are cute […]