6 Ways on How to Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Ex After the Divorce

Sometimes, people can divorce with their partner in a marriage. This happens because of many personal problems, and the partner have prepared their self for a divorce. But it doesn’t mean that a divorced partner hates each other. Their relationship is not working well, but they can still befriend each other. If you have been […]

How to Ask Your Ex for More Child Support – Responsibilty and Future

When two people with kids ended their relationship, there are more complicated thing awaits them. Child support is one of the greatest issue involving father and mother involvement in a child life after they are no longer together. Asking for Child Support is not like using the same formula on How To Make Your Boyfriend […]

How to Tell Your Ex Wife Your New Wife is Pregnant

When someone advanced from dating to marriage, the real journey began. As marriage and dating are two different things, a long dating period sometimes doesn’t guarantee that your marriage life would last a long time too. The worst possibility is divorce. After going through a divorce and finding a new love again, you happily find […]

This Is How to Tell Your Ex Wife About Your New Girlfriend

Being a divorced man after a long time might turn out to be an exhausted yet empty both in your life and your heart. Decided to open yourself to a new love also needs time especially when you have kids with you, kid would think differently about divorce so they need to learn about Ways […]

8 Important Signs Your Ex Husband Doesn’t Want You Back

Getting over a breakup is definitely not an easy task, but getting over divorce is a whole different thing. Just imagine how you have to stop getting used to be with that special someone. He’s the one who you always see late at night and early in the morning. He’s the one who you talk […]

30 Smart Ways How to Make Your Ex Husband Regret Leaving You

Nobody ever want a divorce. Even though life is not a fairy tale, you can’t help but wishing your story would end up like one. That is not the case, however, because real life can be harsh sometime. You will be forced to move on when you don’t want to do it. You are forced […]

39 Clear Signs Your Ex Husband Wants You Back

Mending up marriage is not the same as getting back together in a relationship. There are more to think about and emotionally exhaust you more. After dealing with the hard ways in How to Get Over a Divorce When You Still Love Him, he is coming back to your life. Much to your surprise, he […]

26 Ways on How to Get Over a Divorce When You Still Love Him

Nobody ever think that their marriage would be over. It could be the hardest thing you have to get through. The divorce itself already difficult, not to mention the aftermath. Things will be getting more difficult since you find yourself hard to get over it. Even though you have seen the Signs Your Husband is […]

30 Ways to Make Ex Husband Jealous As Hell

Nobody want a divorce in their life. It could be the hardest experience someone has to deal with. The early stage of separation may hurt the most, and in between you feel the urge to make him jealous. But if you don’t know the right way, you could end up looking more desperate than ever. […]

23 Relieving Ways to Get over Your Parent’s Divorce

A divorce in your family must be a sudden blow to the core. It means that your family is no longer a full family and that your parent’s no longer love each other. How do you get over such a big change in your life? Sometimes it’s hard to accept the truth. But once we […]