My Capricorn Man Won’t Talk To Me, What Can I Do?

There are many reasons why your Capricorn man won’t talk to you since a perfect relationship without problems are almost impossible. However, you can seek clues below. But first, you might want to read about How to Get A Capricorn Man to Come Back to You After A Break Up. 1. Introverts tend to listen […]

Why Do Douchebags Wear Affliction and Other Certain Clothing Brands

There are around 101 ways to be a douchebag and here is one of them: mind your clothing. If you think douchebag wears what everyone else wear, maybe you have never been close enough with them – well, you don’t have to. Douchebags have their own clothing code that has widely known. Including white sunglasses […]

Why Do Douchebags Wear White Sunglasses? – How to Spot Them Easily

There are many douchebags in the world. Too many of them in fact. People says that dating douchebags a.k.a. bad boys is way more fun, but the scars left after that if no joke. No joke at all. Sadly, women didn’t realize that they date a douchebag until they fell in love and he show […]

How to be a Perfect Douchebag? A Filthy Tips for Jerks

Douchebag, a special species of men that a women naturally walk away from. Or they wish so, but they keep coming. Douchebag might be the ultimate version of jerks. However, women love bad boys, don’t they? To make them look more confident and attractive, men purposely act like a douchebag. Who are these douchebag anyway? […]

Addictive Reasons on Why Do Girls Like Douchebags

We don’t want to date douchebags, but the bad boy charm is very hard to resist, isn’t it? There might be nothing good in them: rude, selfish, and unforgiving. They often give you false hope and looked enjoy while doing it. They make you believe you’re the only one just to find out later that […]

Tricky Tips How to Make a Douchebag Fall in Love with You

In life, before you meet the one destined for you, you’ll encounter many of douchebags. Too many of them, in fact. Nobody wants do date one, but have you heard that a jerk is way more attractive than a good-mannered man? They are more challenging to date, not to get married to, though. A douchebag […]