Effects Of Drug Abuse On Society Family Friends Work And School

In this modern era, cases of drug abuse or illegal drugs continue to increase from year to year. Many people have become addicted to these illicit goods because of their bad ways. This not only can have a bad influence, but it also has a bad influence on the country because the developed countries come […]

5 Effects Of Having Bad Influence Friends To Your Life

You might know that not all friendship or friendship has a good effect on you. Some of them experience bad friendships that even bring negative impacts. Good friendships shouldn’t affect your self-esteem or happiness. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, there is a healthy way to avoid yourself from that friend. Psychotherapist Emma […]

What Should I Do If I Think My Neighbors Are Dealing Drugs?

In a neighborhood, we are usually dealt with a lot of different personalities. Our neighbor can be someone really friendly, a pain in the ass, or something a lot more sinister like a drug dealer. Drugs are an easy way to make cash but it can corrupt the minds of all that comes to touch […]

29 Ways to Say No to Drugs and Still be Cool to Your Friends

Drugs remains one of the most dangerous thing for youngsters and adult. Once you get involved with drugs, your future might get ruined and there is no turning back. The “Say No To Drugs” campaign all over the world is meant to prevent the young generation from the damage caused by drugs. For young people, […]