Follow These 7 Ways on How To Cut Ties With a Toxic Friend

Having best friends makes us feel like we found a family. But, what if it turns out that your friend is a toxic friend? It’s hard to get away but staying will only drain you out. So, what to do with that? Check this out to see How To Cut Ties With a Toxic Friend. […]

10 Ways to Become a Great Friend

Friendship is one of the most precious bonds you should keep. It is also the time you’ve shared with your friends that makes every moment on earth more meaningful. They are the family that we choose for oneself, the ones that will welcome us and remain in our company. It’s up to us how we […]

How To Say Prevent Someone From Doing Something ?

In our life, we are always faced with a choice, whether it’s a small choice or a large choice. However, sometimes there is someone who makes the wrong decision which is actually a bad decision in their life. Therefore we as someone who knows about it and we are instructed to prevent it by reprimanding […]

Why Do I Push People Away Whenever I Feel Myself Getting Close to Them? Is There Something Wrong with Me? 

Having a relation with people, be it with the opposite sex or just simply with friends is quite complicated at some level. People are unpredictable, people are unique. They have different way of thinking, different character, motivation, desire, wants, and also culture. Different environment, family, culture, as well as inner circle could affect how someone […]

Ways to Tell Your Straight Friend is Gay – What Should You Do

Even in the nowadays society, being a gay is not easy. He’s still judged here and there, makes him think it’s better to hide their true identity. Humanely, it’s not fair that someone doesn’t even have freedom to show their true self and what they believe in. You might have a gay friend around you […]

How to Pray for Someone Struggling with Homosexuality – Reach Out to Them

Homosexuality is choice, and in this modern age it becomes more common and acceptable. However, in a more traditional and conservative societies, homosexuality is still considered taboo. If this is the case, homosexuals will do their best to conceal their identity. What if your friend is a homosexual and it’s hard to reach out for […]

Useful Tips About How Should You Talk to a Friend Who’s Gay

When you socialize with others, you can’t help but encounter a gay friend. And if you’re straight, being worried that you’ll get carried away is normal. What if he persuade me to follow his path? Is it safe to be friend with him? Of course, it’s wrong to judge someone only by his sexuality. It […]

Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Virgo Friend for A Lifetime

Ruled by Mercury, a Virgo is often cautious but kind hearted. In life, they’re the kind of person that you run to for advise. Here are the reasons why everyone needs a Virgo friend that you have to know.

Encouraging Words for a Friend with a Sick Family Member – And What Should You Do

Having our family member sick is something least expected for anyone. It will drained both physically and emotionally, since they have to take care of the sick while they also having this psychological pressure when will the sick get better. Seeing a friend with sick family member must break your heart, and you inevitably imagining […]

All Things to Do When Your Best Friend Hooks Up With Your Ex

Not every romantic relationship will end happily. Sometimes, you just have to left someone that you love for some reason, and you should find some ways to forget your ex. But it will be another thing if your ex, that maybe you had still loved, being hooked up with your best friend. You may feel […]