Is Your Gemini Man Playing Mind Games With You?

Gemini man is playful,enthusiastic, and childish at times. You can never resist his charm and his ease in moving through life. You can never expect what a Gemini’s next move is but you can be sure that it will involve a lot of fun. This unpredictability will lead you to ask the question “is your […]

18 Unknown Things On What Does A Gemini Man Want in A Woman

How do you know what a man wants in a woman? Really, it is hard to know. But by trying to read their basic traits in their zodiac sign, you will know how to win their heart. Adventurous and playful Gemini man is a fun partner to be with. No wonder many woman who wants […]

How Long Does It Take for a Gemini Man to Come Back?

The Gemini in general is extroverted and dynamic with their bold personality traits and interests attract the other signs. When it comes to love for the Gemini man, it is easy for them to fall head over heels and, like any prince attracted to a princess in a fairy tale storybook, they will try to […]

Signs of Gemini Man Attracted to Libra Woman?

A Gemini man who is falling in love or simply attracted to a woman can be noticed so clearly through his actions. He has so many charm that can attract a lot of different women. And here are the signs of Gemini man attracted to Libra woman. Try to get your attention and shower you […]

What’s Gemini and Libra Relationship Problems and How To Fix It?

No matter how compatible a relationship is, surely there will always be a problem within. What makes it more compatible is the fact that two people who are in a relationship are willing to fix the problem and understand their partner better each day. Understanding your partner also includes having the knowledge of does telling […]

How to Tell If A Gemini Man is Playing You?

Those who are in love are the one who is really hard to be given an advice. They can fall easily into misunderstanding. Because of love, people can do such a bad thing for the one that they love even without knowing whether they are being played by their loved ones or not. They can’t […]

How to Know If A Gemini Man Likes You Through Text?

You can see the way someone feel about you both direct and indirect. The direct way, you can see it through his body language and gesture. Meanwhile, for the indirect way, you can notice it through text. Today I will be sharing with you, one of the signs Gemini man fall in love through text. […]

What Does Gemini Man Like about Aquarius Woman?

Have you ever feel like you are into someone? But you are so pesimistic about him, just because the horoscopes does not say that your zodiac sign and him are compatible? Well, you do also know that there are a lot factor that can affect a relationship aside from their zodiac sign. And if you […]

How to Make an Aquarius Man Fall in Love With A Gemini Woman?

When it comes to love, we will be able to do anything for it. And under the name of love, we can do anything to fight for it. One of the things that most of us do is to see the compatibility between us with pou crush or partner. And after that, we will see […]

How to Get a Gemini Man to Stop Ignoring You

Why is your Gemini man ignoring you? You’ve done everything you can but it’s time to use a different strategy and apply these tips when he’s around