5 Possible Reasons Why You Were Ghosted by Your Crush

When you get closer to your crush, they might give you hope for a serious relationship. You and your crush might have ever gone to several dates, hangout together, and spent time together. They might be given you a pretty good attention, have the same hobbies with you, and anything else that makes you fall […]

My Boyfriend Has Suddenly Disappeared and Stopped Texting/Calling. Should I Call Him One More Time to See If He Picks Up So I Can Get Closure?

The act of disappearing in dating is actually quite common. Whether you just date him for a week or maybe even months, everyone is prone to get a broken heart in the most unfashionable way: he simply disappears. Not text, no call, no goodbye, nothing. This phenomenon is called ghosting, referring an act of disappearing […]

Find Out What to Do When He Ghosts You and Comes Back

One of the hardest thing in a relationship with man is when he left you with no explanation all of a sudden. You are alone wondering what in world happen to him and unable to reach him. As if getting over him is not hard enough, the ghost risen up from death, as sudden as […]

Here are What to Do When a Guy Ghosts You

When you fall in love with a guy, all you can think is the relationship proceeding in a good direction. You think you have seen all the signs when guys fall in love in him, only to find out that he disappears like a bubble one day. A guy ghosts you. After numbers of unanswered called, […]

What to Do When a Girl Ghosts You – Ways to Rise and Move On

Ghosting considered to be the fastest way to end a casual relationship. It’s an act where someone disappearing without any words from the other person. If a relationship hasn’t made official yet, then ghosting is pretty acceptable. Indeed, something gone wrong during the time you try to get closer to her. Most people don’t expect […]