This is How to Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl On Instagram

A longer conversation can be easy if you have one point that makes her impressed. So, how to keep a conversation going with a girl on Instagram?  It’ll help you too, you can see another tip like on how to know if a girl is interested in you or just being friendly? Here are the […]

How Do You Ask A Girl For Her Number On Instagram?

It can make you stressed and painful because you can’t get her phone number. She is really like an Idol, beautiful and very talented.  So, how do you ask a girl for her number on Instagram? It is easy, you can get her number easily with great results. Let’s check on below here. 1. Present […]

7 Secret Reasons the Girl with an Introverted Nature is Actually the Perfect Girlfriend

Some people think that girls who are outgoing, extroverted, or funny are attractive. Meanwhile girls who are reserved, shy, and introvert aren’t favorite girlfriends for most boys. However, is this true? In reality, there are a lot of reasons the girl with an introverted nature is actually the perfect girlfriend that you might not realize […]

This is What to Say to A Girl When She Says She Broke Up with Her Boyfriend

Break up means an end of an era. An era of love, intimacy, dates, and more. It can be great for some people but it can also be unimaginably heart breaking. How do you know what to say to someone that just break up then? There are a lot of word to craft when considering […]

This Is What to Say When A Girl Says She’s Not Good Enough for You

Feeling like we are not good enough destroys every aspect of our life. Without some confidence, we are scared to do everything and it makes the roads in our life blocked. Among girls, feeling not good enough is a very common phenomenon. Girls, with their society standards, are more prone to not feeling good enough. […]

What to Say to A Girl After Not Talking for A Couple Days

It’s hard to find a word after all the silence that makes you and her move further apart. This distance will slowly break the relationship between you two. How do you make the emotional distance go away? When it comes to closing the distance, you need to be smart with your words so that she […]

This is How to Comfort A Girl Whose Father Died – Cheer Her Up

Losing a father is devastating. It can even be traumatizing. Do you know someone who is currently going through this? These are the many ways on how to comfort a girl whose father died: 1. Offer Emotional Support In this tough situation, offer emotional support. Ensure that she knows her emotions are valid. She doesn’t […]

This Is What to Say to A Girl When She Says She’s Not Beautiful

Beauty standard have varied throughout the era but it still have a strong grip on almost every woman. Even though beauty doesn’t exist in a certain feature only, a girl sometimes can’t see that because of societal pressure. That is why girls call themselves ugly all the time. When a girl feels like she is […]

This is How to Comfort A Girl Who Was Sexually Assaulted

Sexual assault often goes unreported. Many girls around the world will have to deal with the aftermath alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way so here’s how to comfort a girl who was sexually assaulted: 1. Believe Her You have to let her know that you believe everything she said. Sexual assault is […]

15 Things Not To Say to A Bisexual Girl – How to Respect Someone Else’s Sexual Orientation

There are some things not to say to a bisexual girl, these words are so sensitive. So, this is for you who are not bi do not ever to ask some questions that hurt their feeling. Below here there are some things that not ever to do when your friend is a bisexual girl. 1. […]