Best Answer When A Girl Says Thank You When You Confess You Love Her

There are a lot of different reaction to an emotion especially love. Some people canbe so excited about it, and some other people will just stay quite and confused trying to digest what it actually means. After you have done so many things including the romantic things to say to your girl crush you will […]

What is The Best Answer to Say to A Girl When She Asks What You Want?

What is the best answer to say to a girl when she asks what you want than telling her the truth? There is no point to keep making a story to cover the real purpose of you wanting something from her. So in case she ask you again, here’s what you can say to her. […]

What Is The Best Answer When A Girl Ask Why Do You Want My Pictures?

Before you talk to someone or wanting to do anything with that person, you better know what they feel about you. Just like when you are questioning the what is the best answer when a girl ask why do you want my pictures? You might think that asking a girl for a picture is a […]

Best Answers When A Girl Say, ‘You Don’t Even Know Me. How Can I Be in a Relationship with You?

What is the best answer to when a girl say, ‘You don’t even know me. How can I be in a relationship with you? Well, this is the type of question that girl can use to test a man or to simply indirectly say it to him that she is not interested. But, this question […]

I Am in Love with My Straight Female Friend. What Should I Do? Should I Tell Her? I Have Strong Feelings?

Falling in love with someone who you know will return your feelings is always painful, but so is being in love with a friend (especially if it’s a best friend.) At this point you might be in a dilemma. You’re probably thinking, “I Am in Love with My Straight Female Friend. What Should I Do? […]

How to Comfort A Girl Whose Dog Died – Cheer Her Up!

Losing a pet can be especially hard for anyone, especially if they were really close to it. Losing a dog can be especially heartbreaking because, as the old saying goes, dogs are a man’s best friend. When comforting a girl whose dog died, you want to be as compassionate and empathetic as possible. It may […]

How to Deal with A Girl You Like Who Has A Boyfriend?

Love comes and goes. Love can comes to anyone even at the wrong timing, at the wrong place, and the wrong person. This does not always mean that we need to fight for someone that we love when the love comes to us. But it can also mean differently. It can has the meaning that […]

How to Get Your Crush’s Attention Through Snapchat?

There are many ways to find the ideal partner at this time. For example, advanced technology make everything easy. Your crush can be found anywhere from your friends, your friend’s friend, knowing your crush accidentally and also through dating apps that are scattered in your gadget store such as snapchat. Communication via chat is one […]

35+ Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl Crush (Lovely)

The early stages of a relationship are tough. In this phase you are pretty much blind because you do not know anything about your partners real feeling towards you. That is why in this stages, you need to work your charm to win your partners heart. With a woman it will be ten times harder […]