What Is The Cutest Reply for When Your Girlfriend Asks You Why You Love Her?

Have you ever feel or get addicted into something? It can be food, music, or feelings. Once you get addicted into something, you just want to keep repeating to feel the same thing. That’s exactly what your girlfriend is trying to do with you by asking why you love her. No this is not a […]

Things to Know Before Dating A Girl Who’s Close With Her Mom

Dating a girl might sound like a simple business. You only need to get to know her, make her fall in love with you, and then maintain that love in a relationship. But in reality, the case is different when the girl is attached with someone else. Our mother is an important figure in our […]

What to Say to Your Girlfriend When She Thinks She is Pregnant?

Asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for a permission, that’s what other people say. But it will surely hard to ask for a forgiveness once you did a mistake that stick to someone whole her life, especially once you decided  not to take responsibility on it. So, to leave everyone happy you will need […]

Reasons Ruby Rose Would Make A Perfect Girlfriend and How to Win Girls Like That

Who doesn’t know this pretty yet handsome Australian model, actress, and television presenter, Ruby Rose? Some people would notice her appearance in Pitch Perfect 3 as an antagonist singer. Oh yeah, there are a lot of  reasons Camila Cabello seems to be the perfect girlfriend but there are also a lot of reasons Ruby Rose […]

True Reasons Taylor Swift Seems to Be The Perfect Girlfriend You Can’t Deny

Having a crush on your classmate? Colleagues? Those things are very common, but what about having a crush on celebrity? Well, nowadays, due to the globalization, many teenagers are so in love with their favourite singer or actor. Prove? People are dying to know how to get Brendon Urie to notice you 100% works. One […]

Beautiful Reasons Camila Cabello Seems to be the Perfect Girlfriend (Even for Shawn Mendes!)

“I love it when you call me señoritaI wish I could pretend I didn’t need yaBut every touch is ooh la la laIt’s true, la la laOoh, I should be runningOoh, you keep me coming for you.” Señorita – Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Who doesn’t know the female singer of this catchy song, the […]

This is What to Do When Your Girlfriend is Crying Because of You – Be A Gentleman

It’s natural for anyone in a relationship to fight about something. But when the fight gets serious and she’s suddenly crying because of something you did or said, then it’s time to take two steps back and think where you did wrong and how to fix it. As far as the stereotype goes, women tend […]

5 Annoying Things Not to Say to A Military Girlfriend

Do you have a friend whose boyfriend has just gone back home from a 10-week or more basic training? Or do you have a friend whose boyfriend is currently busy with Advanced Individual Training (AIT)? If yes, you must have been doing some reality check that is bound to come along with having a friend […]

My Crush Has A Girlfriend And I’ve Liked Him Before He Had A Girlfriend. What Should I Do?

Are you falling in love with someone? You have a crush with someone he is so handsome, a European man. The benefits of dating a European man there are much. But now, your crush already has a girlfriend. So, in your thought’s say; my crush has a girlfriend and I’ve liked him before he had […]

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend While She’s Sleeping

With girlfriends, every moment is precious. Just being by her side can feel like heaven. When she is sleeping, guys can’t help but stare at her peaceful slumber with compassion and gratitude that they have a special girl in her life. Boyfriends, the way to love your girlfriend isn’t just in her waking moments but […]