What to Do to Make A Leo Man Fall in Love with You?

The Leo man is an alpha. It can be quite hard to find a way to his heart, so you will need to go several lengths to truly capture his heart. He’s attracted to someone who’s passionate and sensual, someone who’s always excited about the world. The Leo man is not only full of pride […]

What to Do When A Leo Man Is Mad at You?

As a fire sign, the Leo can become hurt and angry at even the slightest disrespect. They have a very fragile ego, so they take things personally. This is the dark side of Leo that people may not be aware about, because when they’re angry, they can become one of the most unpleasant people you’ll […]

Is Your Leo Man Playing Mind Games With You?

Classy is the perfect word to describe a Leo man. He is the king of the jungle that will show you how it feels like to be loved by someone so graceful. Charming, romantic, honest, and loyal are one of the few reasons why every woman wants to be with a Leo guy! Like a […]

Should I Ignore A Leo Man to Get His Full Attention?

As a fire sign, the Leo loves to have their egos stroked. They love the attention, so ignoring him is in the right direction though not quite. Should I ignore a Leo man to get his full attention? There isn’t an exact answer, but by giving him special attention by ignoring him, then you are […]

Things You Need to Know to Make A Leo Man Go Crazy About You

As a human we prefer to have something that is certain. And we prefer to have a reassurance from someone that we love. Because you know, we don’t want to get hurt because of loving someone. And it is okay to try to apply some ways on how to make him go crazy in love […]

Is My Leo Man Using Me? Know The Zodiac Traits in Love

The king of the zodiac is Leo. They are warm, a ray of sunshine for others. When he enters the room, you can feel his confidence in the air. It’s easy to be smitten with his charisma. Leo has many other traits too. You should know some things before dating a Leo. Like other zodiacs, […]

My Leo Man Needs Space, What Can I Do? Make Sure It Is Positive

If you are in the middle of a relationships, you might thinking on why my leo man needs space, what can i do? This is a common problems on a relationship when someone needs more information on what to do when my boyfriend says he needs space. This is actually to define whether they will […]

My Leo Man Broke Up With Me, Will He Come Back?

Many woman will asking, in case my leo man broke up with me, will he come back? This even not only a question, since it actually happens in some relationship. Of course, it will be a difficult phase for several person. Therefore, to deal with this issue is not an easy matter. Some woman expect […]

How to Make Up with A Leo Man After A Fight

Did you just get into a fight with your Leo man? Did he deliberately ignore you? Are you already at your wit ends in trying to make up with him? Do not worry; it is actually quite simple. Whatever the situation is, there is only one reason for him to get mad at you after […]

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work with a Leo Man?

Long distance relationships can either make break a couple, since there are so many obstacles coming at long distance couples, and it is easy to see why most of them fail each other. Whether you have an opportunity to travel to another country, or your Leo man moves away because of school or work, or maybe you just cannot afford to […]