10 Obvious Signs Your Girlfriend’s Parents Don’t Like You

One of the important things in a relationship is that you’ll also have to get along with your girlfriend’s family besides building a nice relationship with her. If you’re planning to live a long, happy life together, it’s a must to be nice to her parents. If they hate you, your life and probably your […]

6 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Fall in Love with You All Over Again

Relationships have ups and downs and as they get older, couples who are together for years slowly change. There are moments when a relationship becomes more like duty or it seems that the “spark” has died. You probably may have seen it coming when you constantly wondering what to do if your crush randomly stops […]

Best Answer When A Girl Says Thank You When You Confess You Love Her

There are a lot of different reaction to an emotion especially love. Some people canbe so excited about it, and some other people will just stay quite and confused trying to digest what it actually means. After you have done so many things including the romantic things to say to your girl crush you will […]

What Happens If You Ignore An Aquarius Man? The Worst is Yet to Come?

Aquarius man is one who was born on 20th January to 18th February with an air sign. The Aquarius man is known for his friendly, unique, intellectual and geeky characteristics. He is also known as a good communicator and thoughtful. However, in a relationship, the couple might meet some arguments and problem which draw them […]

Why Does My Crush Look The Other Way When He Sees Me Could He Be Shy?

Having a crush is beautiful but also complicated. Despite you like that “new love” feeling inside your heart, you can’t stop wondering about many other not-so-good things too. Such as whether that man is interested in you or not. We love to analyze their action, subtle clues, and hints. Guys are complicated, the one we […]