How To Marry Indonesian Girls In India ? Eternal Secret

In our beautiful world every straight person want to get married and have a descent for future. But we also know that every country in the world have a different culture with the rules of marriage. Whoever people that you want it you want to get married in India you must obey the rules of […]

If You Find Out Your Husband Was a Crossdresser, What Would You Do?

Crossdressers are judged negatively by the society. Men crossdressers are considered abnormal because they like to dress like a woman, which later raise suspicions from people. However, this kind of habit dies hard and will be carried no matter how old the person is. They are also aware that their existence are not well-received, so […]

What If I Find Out That My Wife Is Not A Virgin In Spite She Told Me Earlier That She Is A Virgin?

Virginity is something people keep hidden and for good reasons. There’s no point in telling everyone that you are a virgin or not. But, if your wife is lying to you about her virginity, it’s a different case. In any relationship, especially in marriage, we need to be completely honest with each other or else […]

This Is How to Tell Your Fiance You Don’t Want To Get Married Anymore

The promise of a marriage is really exciting to most of us but it can also be unexciting to some. For the latter, marriage is not their first priority and we’re here to tell you that it is perfectly okay. But, how do you tell your fiance that? The bond between fiances are made to […]

How to Tell Your Brother and Sister in Law You Are Pregnant Surprisingly

Finish college, get a job, meet someone, get married, then the next goal is having a baby, at least for most people. Imagine having someone who looks just like you or your spouse, but in a tiny version. It’s literally the greatest good news a married couple could get. However, this news is not just […]

Can Husband See His Wife’s Private Parts in Islam? As Answered by Quran and Hadith

Intimacy remains a sensitive topics in Islam. From relationship outside marriage to how husband and wife should behave when they have married. Regarding the intimacy between Muslim husband and wife, there is a common question being asked: can husband see his wife’s private parts in Islam? The answer to the question is not exist in […]

Is It A Sin To Have Sex (Man) Before Marriage According To The Holy Quran And The Islamic Rules Of Religion?

What does Islam say about having a girlfriend? Indeed, Islam encourages all Muslims to not having a girlfriend or boyfriend. It is haram and also has been written in the Holy book of Quran. However, there is an example; she has a boyfriend and she has sex (man) before marriage. Is it a sin to […]

Are Muslim People Forbidden to Kiss Before Marriage? How They Show Love, Then?

In Islam, physical contact between members of the opposite sex is prohibited. Most people think a handshake is a normal thing to do, but some Muslims would not even want to shake hands with the opposite sex. According to the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he said that it is better for a Muslim to […]

What Happens After Marriage That People Stop Loving The Way They Used to?

As a wise man once said, love is an eternal feeling. It is a deep internal aspect of a human’s heart. No one can ever stop loving someone if they had ever fallen in love. The feeling would remain there. The only thing that makes a difference is the perception of seeing the relationship after […]

Should I Marry My Boyfriend When I Don’t Feel The Spark Anymore?

Marriage is an important part of life. It is the beginning of the family and a life long commitment. Now deciding to marry someone even though you have no feeling towards him. It is a risk taker, because there will be a fear of regret on your part since you’ll see him everyday for the […]