Is Your Aries Man Playing Mind Games With You?

Aries man is one of the most passionate among the other zodiac signs although he loves his independence and freedom. He loves romancing his partner traditionally so charm, chivalry, and mystery is the aspect he’ll use to win over a girl. No wonder everyone is falling for him! But is he falling for you or […]

Is Your Capricorn Man Playing Mind Games With You?

The dominant, strong, and deeply intellectual Capricorn man loves a little mystery and puzzle. This will be true in the hobbies he is attracted to and in his love life. But does he always play mind games? Mind games is a fascinating way to make someone be lured to you. This slow and carefully played […]

Is Your Cancer Man Playing Mind Games With You?

Cancer brings emotion to the table if you are in a relationship with him. Some people might not like this side but because he is in touch with his emotional side, he’ll show you what it’s like to be loved from the bottom of someone’s heart. No wonder a lot of people wants to be […]

Is Your Leo Man Playing Mind Games With You?

Classy is the perfect word to describe a Leo man. He is the king of the jungle that will show you how it feels like to be loved by someone so graceful. Charming, romantic, honest, and loyal are one of the few reasons why every woman wants to be with a Leo guy! Like a […]

Is Your Virgo Man Playing Mind Games With You?

Mind games is an intellectual way to lure someone in. This is quite an odd way to flirt  so it’s hard to know whether someone is actually playing mind games. A calm and collected Virgo man that belongs to the earth sign is not hard to predict. All you need to know is his basic […]

She is Interested in Me and Does Not Want Me to Leave But Does Not Give Me Attention Either?

If you meet someone who said she is interested in you and does not want you to live but at the same time, she does not make an effort to tend to you, then it is safe to say that she just gave you mixed signals. And mixed signals are usually just soft no(s). You […]

How To Play Mind Games With An Aquarius Male – Win His Heart

If your chasing an Aquarius male or crush on him, you might thinking on how to play mind games with an Aquarius male. It is a natural act, specially if you are a Scorpio woman and in wish of how to make Aquarius man fall in love with Scorpio woman. This thinking will be something […]

How to Tell if Someone is Playing Mind Games with You

Someone who plays your mind usually aims to know you further, like what you like, your past events, your level of honesty, and so on. So people also need the skills to be able to play the mind with others. For example, if you have a lover then you and your lover will find out […]