How to Get Over Someone You Never Dated – It is Time to Move On!

We must have had some feelings to someone. We might like someone, look at their pictures every day, dreaming of dating with them. They also became our motivation on doing our activities, work, and make our day brighter whenever we see them. But sometimes, if we keep our feelings for a long time, we can […]

I Miss My Ex So Much, How Do I Stop Thinking About My Ex?

It’s easier said than done to move on from the ex you love dearly. But you must remember that life must go on and you deserve more than hurtful memories and tears. It’s time for you to feel happy again. The first step and hardest step is to stop thinking about your ex. Once they’re […]

How to Get Over A Capricorn Man – Love and Zodiac Signs

Before we ask the question how to get over a Capricorn man, we first need to understand their nature and behavior first, especially when it comes to love. (You may want to read All Important Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Capricorn.) A Capricorn man in general prioritizes family over anything. Therefore, […]

What Is Wrong with Me If I Am Still in Love with My Ex Two Years After Our Breakup?

Sometimes you can’t get over your ex no matter how hard you try, even if it has been two years after you broke up. While others may tell you to just get over it, it’s actually okay to grieve. Everyone grieves in different ways, and you may just be taking your time trying to accept […]

I Still Love My Ex Even Though It Has Been 3 Years Since Our Break-Up. She’s Constantly on My Mind. How Do I Get over Her?

It’s always hard to get over a break up whether it’s been three days, three months, or three years, especially when it’s true love. True love doesn’t just come easily for anyone, so having to let that go can be especially difficult. However, even when you think it’s true love, it might not be for […]

Why Doesn’t My Ex-Girlfriend Seem to Care about The Way I Feel After She Broke Up with Me?

Why doesn’t my ex-girlfriend seem to care about the way I feel after she broke up with me? Does this mean that you still care about her by having this kind of thoughts? Well, maybe you still do but she doesn’t. There are so many possible reasons that can cause her not to check up […]

Why Did My Ex Start Following His Ex Girlfriend After He Broke Up with Me?

Move on is a process that is not easy to be done. And during the process, we might still have a personal conflict with ourselves and think of our ex. One of the thoughts can be, why did my ex start following his ex girlfriend after he broke up with me? Here are some of […]

Do You Ever Contact Your Ex Girlfriend If She Broke Up with You? This is What Best to Do!

Regret comes in the end and not in the beginning. Maybe this is what you feel after your relationship ended. You think that it is better to be with her rather than alone and feeling lonely. Or maybe you may also think of. my ex girlfriend got hotter after we broke up, what to do […]

Why Did My Ex Go Looking for Another Girlfriend A Week After He Broke Up With Me?

Why did my ex go looking for another girlfriend a week after he broke up with me? Do you still care about him? What if he doesn’t and that is the reason why he wants to be with someone new? Yes, it could be one of the reasons, and here are some other reasons. He […]

My Ex Girlfriend Got Hotter After We Broke Up, What To Do To Get Her Back?

It is really common to see people getting back with their ex. This is not without a reason. There may be a lot of different reasons why they want to go back with their ex. Maybe because they realized that they were the reason why the relationship ended, and they want to fix it better […]