6 Reasons Why Break Up is Actually Good for You

What do you think about break up? Broken heart? Nightmare? Sadness? Lonely? Well, maybe yes or maybe no. Love is blind, no matter how much he or she hurt you sometimes it is still painful to let your lover go. Like what we said on tips on how to end toxic relationship, it feels weird […]

5 Helpful Dating Tips for Single Parents

Divorce can be very traumatic, especially if the causes are not good enough to talk. It brings many effects both for the children and the parents. Sometimes it can make the children having trust issues with their parents or even hate them. On the other hand, it also can make the parents having trust issues […]

5 Signs You are Already Ready to Start a New Relationship After a Heartbreak

Did you know about Thomas Alva Edison, the one who invented the bulbs? Thomas invented it in 1879 after many long and complex experiments in his laboratory above the train. He starts the experiments from the early of 1879 and well knew that he must try around 999 times experiments to create a stable and […]

How to Get Over An Aquarius Man and Move On

As the last air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is the most humanitarian astrological sign. This means they despise authority and are known as a free-spirited and eccentric sign. Some of the attributes that make them stick out are their fashion choices and unusual hobbies. As for an Aquarius man, he is highly creative, analytical […]

I Still Love My Ex Even Though It Has Been 3 Years Since Our Break-Up. She’s Constantly on My Mind. How Do I Get over Her?

It’s always hard to get over a break up whether it’s been three days, three months, or three years, especially when it’s true love. True love doesn’t just come easily for anyone, so having to let that go can be especially difficult. However, even when you think it’s true love, it might not be for […]

Virgo Traits and Moving On After Break Up – How to Move On

Represented by the sunflower, the Virgo is a light in the world. They bring joy to the people they encounter. Relationships are never boring. But how do they deal with moving on after break up?