Here are the 7 Common Reasons Why A Relationship Fall Apart You Need to Know

Like what we said on ways to maintain a good relationship with our children after divorce, a relationship is the most complex stuff in the world. It consists of a relation between two people that try to live a happy life together. Even from the searching stage, people are struggling to find the most perfect […]

5 Possible Reasons Why You Were Ghosted by Your Crush

When you get closer to your crush, they might give you hope for a serious relationship. You and your crush might have ever gone to several dates, hangout together, and spent time together. They might be given you a pretty good attention, have the same hobbies with you, and anything else that makes you fall […]

My Ex Wants to Know Why I Broke Up with Him. Should I Be Honest?

Should you be honest if your ex suddenly wants to know why you broke up with him? It actually depends on the sole reason as to why you broke up with him. It also depends on what your motive is. Did you withhold the truth because you did not want to hurt him?  Or is […]

How Do You Know When A Virgo Man Has Lost Interest

Some people say that starting a new relationship is easier than keeping onto a relationship. Especially, when you have a boyfriend who is tend to speak less like a virgo man who love to do things practically. A virgo man sometimes can be a cool and aloof person who speak less in a normal occasion. […]

Wondering Why Scorpio Man Plays Hard to Get with You? Read This!

According to some research, Scorpio man likes to be mysterious. It’s their natural characteristic to be so distant and not all people can read their character so easily. They are hard to express and show their feelings even to their partner. But once you get into their life, they will open up to you. When […]

13 Reasons Why You Should be Saving Your Virginity for the Love of Your Life

Talking about sex and virginity might be something not so comfortable to discuss about, especially for people who live within Asian culture. Originally, Asian people values virginity more and losing virginity before married is quite prohibited. Even if there are girls who loose their virginity before married, they’d likely to cover it up for it’s […]

120 Lovely Reasons Why My Boyfriend Is Better Than Yours

Boyfriends are always fun to have. They can protect you and love you with their soft heart. Wondering if you’ve got someone who have all the Signs He’s Boyfriend Material? This is the way to know. Here are the reasons why my boyfriend is better than yours; He Kiss Me Goodnight He Text Me A Cute […]

25 Reasons Why Geminis Are The Best Lovers for You

Looking for a great lover? Start to search on the astronomy section. You will find that a gemini is one of the greatest lover you could find because of plenty reasons. Maybe you are asking “are they really that great?”. Well, you need to know your self by seeing the reasons why Geminis are the […]

22 Reasons Why Capricorns Are The Best Lovers for You

You’re probably wondering how people can get their perfect match so easily. But have you ever stopped and wondered if there is a secret formula to find that person? The answer is through our astrology signs. Though not predetermined, astrology signs often show us the most common things found in each astrology sign. They tell […]

24 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Friends with Your Ex

Exes are things of the past. They are a product of a broken relationship between two broken people. What we can do is not to look back in anger but to instead learn from our experience in that relationship. But the thing is exes sometimes wants to be friends again. How should you respond to […]