8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Using You

All seems to go well with your girlfriend before you notice something’s wrong. You don’t want your relationship to be overthrown or you end up destroying it. Plus, you never overthink about it like a kid. Yet a pattern is starting to grow and you can’t help but give attention to all the signals that […]

9 Most Important Things in a Relationship You Must Know

Doesn’t that ignite fuzzy feelings of affection and joy within your heart when you see an old couple arm in arm or exchanging sweet kisses while sitting on a park bench? Doesn’t it lead you to think about how they’ve sustained a relationship for many years while people you meet are struggling to make it […]

What Not to Do to A Virgo Man – The Do’s and Dont’s

Virgo man is known as intelligent and very practical. Because of his practical behavior, most Virgo men are quite ambitious to be successful. His intelligence and practical which lead him easier to be a successful person has become a positive point for women to choose him. However, the Virgo man is also known as the […]

Why Does My Crush Look The Other Way When He Sees Me Could He Be Shy?

Having a crush is beautiful but also complicated. Despite you like that “new love” feeling inside your heart, you can’t stop wondering about many other not-so-good things too. Such as whether that man is interested in you or not. We love to analyze their action, subtle clues, and hints. Guys are complicated, the one we […]

Should You Give Another Chance for Your Cheating Partner? Or Should You Just Leave Them Behind?

The “Once a cheater, will always be a cheater” term relates in most broken relationship but when we love someone so much, it can’t always be used. The depth of relationship is the measure of how deeply in love someone is. And once someone reaches this level, forgiving a cheating lover might happen. However, if […]

This is What to Say When Your Crush Asks You If You Like Him

When you’ve been crushing on someone for some times, you would be taken aback when your crush suddenly ask you this important question. It’s like it comes out of nowhere. He asked whether you like him or not. What an idiot. Of course, the answer is yes. Because why else you’ve been crushing on him, […]

What to Do If Your Crush Randomly Stops Texting You?

For you who currently have a crush, you are experiencing one of those best feelings. It is a feeling of love or infatuation. You lost sleep over the thought of someone. Every waking hour are no different. You constantly think about that guy or girl who stole your heart. Life sounds beautiful and romantic. However, […]

How to Deal with A Pisces Man When He Becomes Distant All of Sudden

Is your boyfriend a Pisces? Then you can consider yourself lucky. A Pisces boyfriend is a dream come true. They are sweet, romantic, and everything. They are the prince charming of all the zodiac, and you’re his damsel in distress. They will shower you with affection and romance. A Pisces guy will make your heads […]