6 Tips on How to End Toxic Relationship

Most of the people must have ever been in a relationship. A relationship includes not only a feeling for each other, but also time, work, and even includes some conflicts. It is quite normal to find a little problem in any relationship. But have you ever been in a relationship where you find so stressful? […]

8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Using You

All seems to go well with your girlfriend before you notice something’s wrong. You don’t want your relationship to be overthrown or you end up destroying it. Plus, you never overthink about it like a kid. Yet a pattern is starting to grow and you can’t help but give attention to all the signals that […]

What to Do When A Guy is Unsure About You?

There are some signs that you can see within a relationship. Those signs show that the relationship already have the red flags and it will come to an end at some point if there is nothing to do about it. It’s not only the signs you’re ready to leave your abusive relationship but it can […]

How Do You Tell Your Girlfriend Parents Their Daughter is Pregnant?

Both planned and unplanned life is always unpredictable. We might feel like we already did something so carefully, but the results can be different. The same thing can be happening within a relationship especially when nowadays promiscuity is developing. So, how do you tell your girlfriend parents their daughter is pregnant? Lucky you, here are […]

What to Say to Your Girlfriend When She Thinks She is Pregnant?

Asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for a permission, that’s what other people say. But it will surely hard to ask for a forgiveness once you did a mistake that stick to someone whole her life, especially once you decided  not to take responsibility on it. So, to leave everyone happy you will need […]

How Would You Feel If You Found Out Your Boyfriend Was Bisexual? Would You Feel Anything?

To be in a relationship with someone we love isn’t always easy. Yes, we can be together with someone we love through everything. Which also means we must get to see their bad side, the side that can make us drop our tears. Such as by knowing the clear signs your boyfriend is cheating on […]

My Ex Wants to Know Why I Broke Up with Him. Should I Be Honest?

Should you be honest if your ex suddenly wants to know why you broke up with him? It actually depends on the sole reason as to why you broke up with him. It also depends on what your motive is. Did you withhold the truth because you did not want to hurt him?  Or is […]

I Am Not Being Able to Move On After Breaking Up with My Girlfriend. I Broke Up Because I Did Not Love Her Anymore. What Should I do?

If you are positive that you do not love her anymore but feel really bad about ending things then you do not actually have issues moving on. You are just facing what most humans do not: Guilt. You have a conscience that does not allow the idea of hurting other people and that is the […]

How Should A Guy Deal With A Breakup From A Relationship of Over 5 Years?

It is hard to pretend like you know how to cheer yourself up after a bad breakup with your lover. To let go of someone that we loved for some time is really hard, for sure. When it comes to a breakup, women seem like they are winning the stereotypes of having the hardest time […]

I Broke Up with My Boyfriend and He Did Not Say Anything. What Does It Mean?

Your boyfriend goes silent after you break up with him for a reason and there are a lot of ways to cope with it. One of them is to know whether or not your boyfriend can handle the break-up well. In other words, you need closure. Sometimes closure looks different than what you imagine it to be. Sometimes you […]