I’ve Been Texting My Crush, and He’s Been Mostly Answering My Texts. How Can I Get Him to Engage in The Conversation More?

So we get it, your crush is one of those lame texters. He is fun, interesting, and really cool. But when it comes to text, he transforms into one of the most boring people on the planet, even your grumpy neighborhood suddenly become more interesting than him. How to change and encourage him into a […]

She is Interested in Me and Does Not Want Me to Leave But Does Not Give Me Attention Either?

If you meet someone who said she is interested in you and does not want you to live but at the same time, she does not make an effort to tend to you, then it is safe to say that she just gave you mixed signals. And mixed signals are usually just soft no(s). You […]

What Can I Do If I Feel Bored of My Boyfriend and Sometimes I Feel I Don’t Love Him Anymore but Actually I Do

There are different kind of couples we have the inseparables, the office couple, the travelers and of course we have the bickers where one likes to make remarks behind each others back. Whatever couple you are there will always be a spat between the two of you. Other time you feel a unhappy with you […]

How Do You Feel When Your Boyfriend Purposely Ignores You for Weeks?

Do you feel miserable for being ignored by your boyfriend? Frustrated that he doesn’t reply back your text or mail? Understand the truth, you’ll  stop feeling hurt and ignored in no time. Lets take some a moment here, we need to understand the reason why he’s not acknowledging you. Did you guys fight? Did you […]

My Boyfriend is Ignoring Me, What Must I Do Apart from Finding Another Boyfriend?

This is What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You for 3 Days or More It feels terrible to be ignored by a friend even more by a person you love and trusted. Your probably wondering why he is ignoring you and you want some answers. Mind you if you do get some, you need […]

He Has Been Ignoring My Calls and Texts for About A Month but I Can’t Stop Calling Him, What Should I Do?

Uuhhh!! no girl likes it when they are being ignore by their boyfriends. The feeling of anxiety and insecure kicks in, they would do anything to endure that their boyfriend reply them, even if they have to call them every minute.  Its a common conception if they are ignore that means their boyfriends lost interest […]

My Boyfriend Has Suddenly Disappeared and Stopped Texting or Calling, What Should I Do?

Being in a relationship is a roller coaster, one minute is lovely sunshine and rainbows the next is thunderstorm and world winds. Like any relationship, it normally starts with the boyfriend texting you all the time. But slowly and suddenly he either text less or not at all. What happen? Did he lose interest? Why […]

8 Things to Say to Your Boyfriend when Y’all are Fighting All The Time

Fights are bound to happen in any romantic relationships and that is normal. Getting involved in a fight is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but there are healthy and unhealthy ways to handle conflict and also certain kinds of speech that should be completely restricted. If your boyfriend is a Leo man, then […]

What Can I Do If I Feel Bored of My Boyfriend but I Don’t Wanna Break Up

Do you feel bored with your boyfriend? Tired of the same routine? Need something new in your life? If your relationship has taken a down toll then you have an issue. Don’t be alarm if you have that feeling, its normal in a relationship. Its never all beautiful and sunshine, what you need to is […]

How to Play Hard to Get with an Aquarius Man? Zodiac Signs

Love is the most mysterious thing that ever happen in human life, right? Before finding a true love, someone will struggle and do a little test to know if he/ she is the one. Women are the ones who mostly do the test to know if he is the right guy, while guy, mostly, concentrates […]