Reasons Why Single is Better You Have to Know

We often see that being in a relationship means that two people are together being happy and far from loneliness. Truth is, being in a relationship isn’t only about getting happiness and comfort. There are always consequences and challenges one should meet when they decide to get together with someone else. Things aren’t always easy […]

Not So Lonely Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Alone

Here comes the day again. Valentine’s Day has always been identical with couples celebrating love everywhere. But do you know that V-Day is for everyone? Yes, you can join the celebration of Valentine’s Day even when you’re single. In fact, there are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone and you won’t feel lonely. Don’t […]

10 Things to Know Before Dating a Girl Who Is Perpetually Single

Having a relationship or not is always a decision of certain someone. There are girls who always have their boyfriend to lean on and she’s always settled down with someone. Other girls, they choose to be happy living their single life. This perpetually single girl is a very independent and fierce because she has been […]

How to Feel Less Lonely When You’re Single

You have a big chance of being lonely while you are single. Those two things always come along together. While it’s perfectly understandable why you feel so when you’re single, you shouldn’t let yourself drown into loneliness. In fact, singleness is something you have to be grateful sometimes, since you get to live the way […]

Reasons Why Aquarius are Single but Perfectly Happy

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) are unique in their own right. They are quirky and comfortable in their own skin. Aquarius are strong, independent people who rarely reveal their true feelings. But is their distant nature the reason why they’re single? Reasons Why Aquarius are Single Aquarius may be puzzling when it comes to […]