How to Talk to a Girl on Twitter without Coming Off Like a Creep – Dos and Don’ts

So you have been scrolling your Twitter feeds all these time, marvelling the beauty of a girl you have been following all along. The thing is, you don’t have enough courage to talk to her or you just don’t know how. Don’t worry buddy because we got everything in this article. By the end of […]

Tips on How Do You Start a Conversation with a Girl on Instagram?

Thank God there’s Instagram! The social media has been a very useful tool for human’s life as it helps us in almost everything in life. Whether you want is to advertise business, showcasing your life and interest, and even as a medium to get closer to your crush. Many love stories started off from Instagram. […]

How to Get Brands to Notice You on Instagram – Be an Influencer!

Instagram is more than just a social media. If you still use your Instagram solely as a place to display your photos and daily life, you haven’t make the most out of it. You can earn money through Instagram, in the easiest and most possible ways ever. Many brands use Instagram to raise awareness by […]

Tips On How to Get Sponsored On Instagram with 1000 Followers

Influencer has now become a new promising job. If you are successful in promoting brands and engage your followers, it’s highly possible to make so much more than your daily job. But there are one absolute requirement you have to meet before you get sponsored: collect as many followers as possible. Brands usually set certain […]

What to Do When Your Crush Unfollows You on Instagram – Move On from Them!

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media around the world. It also comes in handy in your daily life too, as you use it to keep up with the life of everyone you know or adore. Which is why following your crush on Instagram is a must. That’s how you know what they’re […]

What To Do When You Accidentally Unfollow Someone on Instagram – Bye Toxic People!

We don’t know since when, but Instagram has set its own rule regarding how peoples’ relationships are, judging (sometimes) solely by whether they follow each other or not. The issue of somebody unfollows somebody can be blew bigger than it should be. So when somebody unfollowed you, you can’t help but thinking is there anything […]

This is What To Do If a Girl Unfollows You on Instagram

Who says that Instagram is just another social media? No, it’s not just it. Generally, nobody never take social media seriously. Internet users believe that your acts regarding the social media things is the mirror of yourself – regardless the truth. That is enough explaining why you become quite freaked out when you notice that […]

This is How to Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl On Instagram

A longer conversation can be easy if you have one point that makes her impressed. So, how to keep a conversation going with a girl on Instagram?  It’ll help you too, you can see another tip like on how to know if a girl is interested in you or just being friendly? Here are the […]

What To Do When a Guy Unfollows You on Instagram – Stay Cool!

So how do you feel when you are being unfollowed on Instagram? Instead of who unfollowed you, what bothers you more is why you are being unfollowed – regardless of the culprit. Well, following and unfollowing has somehow becomes a new parameter to measure each other’s preference. If you don’t follow me then you don’t […]

What To Do If a Guy Unfriends You on Facebook – Stay Cool and Calm

Now that we live in the age where social media plays a big part in everyday life, we can’t help but judge somebody else by their social media account. Which is why you wonder if there is anything wrong when someone unfriends you on Facebook. It’s commonly called social estrangement. And if you’re a girl […]