This Is How to Tell Your Boyfriend You’ve Been Sexually Abused

When we’re hit by something so traumatizing, all the voices in us seems to hide away. We’re left wordless and that can be a really isolating feeling. You need to break this curse. A boyfriend can also be a best friend. They are someone that we can talk about anything with. But nothing can prepare […]

How to Tell if Your Parents Favor Your Sibling – Get Fair Treatment!

It’s annoying to see that your parents treat your sibling differently. They get all the attention while you’re all alone. How to Tell if Your Parents Favor Your Sibling Here’s how to tell if your parents favour your sibling for sure so you know what to do next: 1. Your Parents are More Patient with […]

How to Tell Your Parents You Want an iPhone – Convince Them with These Reasons!

You’ve been dreaming about owning an iPhone. But you’re not sure how to buy it on your own. You still need your parents help. Check out these tips on how to tell your parents you want an iPhone right away: 1. Complain about Your Old Phone Complain about your old phone in a smart way. […]

How to Tell Your Parents You Used Their Credit Card – The Best Time to Tell Them

You purchased something with your parents’ credit card and they don’t know about it yet. The guilt is killing you! So here’s how tell your parents you used their credit card right now: 1. Tell the Truth Come clean and tell your parents the truth. It’s the best way for them to know the truth.Don’t […]

How to Tell Your Parents That You Cracked Your Phone – Stop Them from Getting Mad at You!

Most phones these days crack easily. Extra care is a must. But what if you’ve done that and it’s still cracked? If your parents bought it for you then they will know sooner or later. So here are some simple ways how to tell your parents that you cracked your phone: 1. Text Them In […]