Follow These 6 Ways on How to Deal with Toxic Co-workers and Stay Mentally Strong

Your workplace is the representation of how society is; diverse. If you’re lucky, you’ll live in a diverse workplace that lets you grow and enrich your experience day by day. But not everyone is lucky enough to live in the dreamed work environment. Since it’s diverse, you’ll eventually meet the types of co-workers who are […]

What If You are the Toxic One? Here are 6 Signs You Have Become Toxic Person

In life, you must have met a lot of people. By knowing a lot of people, you also learnt their different characteristics. Maybe you also have ever met someone toxic, or being suspicious on someone. You might always judge people by their manners, look, or anything else. But have you ever looked at yourself? Now, […]

6 Signs Someone is Toxic for You – Say Goodbye to Them!

There are many people around us. It is whether our friends, family, or even someone we just met a few times ago. But among all of them, there might be someone or people who is toxic. They might be being toxic towards their partner, children, or anyone else. We might don’t recognize them as a […]