Why Do Guys Always Friend Zone Me? Signs and Tips

Sometimes, guys have a very complicated taste about women. While a woman tries to get closer to him, the guys just want to be in the friend zone, why do guys always friend zone me? Let’s see the truth below here. 1. Very to be honest A woman that has a personality like honest, too […]

Why Do Guys Always Want You to Send A Picture?

Sometimes, don’t you ever wonder why do guys always use me as a rebound? Maybe your picture is more beautiful than her. This is the reason why do guys always want you to send a picture. For more reasons check below here. 1. Extremely attractive You are very attractive in his eyes and this makes […]

Why Do I Get Bored in Relationships So Easily? What to Do?

You can’t stay with one person. You’re always on the move to start a relationship with someone else. There’s always a new lover for you. Why? Because you’re bored.