Follow These 6 Ways on How to Deal with Toxic Co-workers and Stay Mentally Strong

Your workplace is the representation of how society is; diverse. If you’re lucky, you’ll live in a diverse workplace that lets you grow and enrich your experience day by day. But not everyone is lucky enough to live in the dreamed work environment. Since it’s diverse, you’ll eventually meet the types of co-workers who are […]

9 Signs You’re Working in a Toxic Workplace You Have to Realize

After hours of reading articles about toxic relationship, you know that romantic relationship and friendship can somehow be toxic. A toxic relationship is just problematic that it may leads you to a trauma. Since the trauma can be serious and affects your life to an extent that you might never expect, it’s better to address […]

8 Ways to Get Along with Your Boss

Now, your supervisor should be someone most of you have been in contact with for the rest of your career. Okay, you’re going to work for that man-probably for a short period, possibly a year or two-but for the bigger picture, you’re building relationship and trust. You rarely see how this man is going to […]

How Do You Ask for A Raise If You Are Underpaid?

You have worked so hard in your job. You really have given your all, but you don’t go home feeling fulfilled. The reason why is probably because of how your hard work doesn’t lead you to an equal and fair pay. Underpaid workers exist everywhere, the question is are you ready to ask for more. […]

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Overworked and Underpaid?

Working in a reasonable amount of time and with a huge pay is the dream for every employee. But sadly, that’s not always what happens in a working environment. What happens instead is being overworked and underpaid. Being in this condition continually can lead to a burn out. That is why you need to do […]

How to Tell Your Boss You Don’t Want to Be A Manager Anymore

Work hard at the office pays off when you get a promotion. It does feel that way since you’ve done your job desk and handle it really well. However, when the job doesn’t fit you from the start you might think that’s not a good thing and even don’t want to continue it any longer. […]

How to Deal with Backstabbers in The Workplace and Win The Battle

A workplace is a place that many various people in it, some peoples are good and even bad. So, how to deal with backstabbers in the workplace? Backstabbers are who peoples that like hit others on your back. Besides, before know how to deal with them, below here are some reasons why backstabber is the […]