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17 Sweet Things to Say to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

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There are lots of ways to make your boyfriend show the Signs That A Boy Has A Crush On You but to truly grab him by the heart you need to drive him crazy. You need to be really irresistible so that you can make him like you for a long time. Do you have what it takes?


To have someone being crazy over you, you need to know the tips and tricks in using the secret part of his heart and his soul. It is quite simple and not complicated at all once you know the ways. So without further a due, here are things to say to drive your boyfriend crazy;

  1. I can’t stop thinking about what i would do if you are here

Letting him know that you miss his presence so bad is a great way to keep him closer to you. But if you add a little twist by saying this, it will leave a little mystery in his mind. that way he will not wait to come back to you soon!

  1. I can’t get enough of you

Saying this will not only make him feel appreciated and loved, his confidence will actually boost up. Doing all this will make him love you more and linger with you to find more thrill.

  1. Why do i always think of you when i am trying to concentrate?

This is another version of saying that you miss your guy. Saying this version will make him think that you love him so much that even when you are trying your hardest to concentrate, it does nothing to his image in your mind.

  1. What would you like me to wear tonight?

Doing this will drive him insanely passionate towards you because he will be thinking of all the dresses that will make your features look good. Saying this will make him want to see you soon to satisfy all his day dreaming.

  1. I had a dream of you last night

If you do not tell him what the dream is but hinting that it is a positive one, you can drive him crazy by keeping him on suspense. This is because he knows that the dream must be wild and great!

  1. Stop thinking about me! Isn’t it hard?

Being playful by tugging him with this kind of text is always a good way to spice things up in your boring text. Not only will he instantly think about you more, he will blush because you are telling the truth.

  1. What are you doing to me?

This is the ultimate things to say to drive your boyfriend crazy. Why? Well it is because you admit that you have the Signs You Are Falling in Love and you just can’t seem to escape it. He will be thrilled to know that he is on your mind

  1. Hearing you say my name makes me fly

What better way to seduce him then making him know that you are totally under his spell? Saying that the simple act of saying your name is so very special to you makes him truly know that you like him. 

More ways to drive your boyfriend crazy

There are some other ways to make your boyfriend crazy through words alone. Look at the things below to know the tricks;

  1. I want to show you how much i love you

Thinking about all the crazy and romantic stuff that you would do to show how much you love him will instantly make him crazy and it will draw him closer to you even more

  1. I miss the way your arms wrap around me

This makes him know that what he did makes you show the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You and if he do more things with you, you might crave him more.

  1. I’m usually better behaved, it changes when i am with you

Saying this makes him smile from ear to ear because it makes him crave more side of you that is much less behaved and would do crazy things for him.

  1. I’ve got plans for when we meet

Simply saying this will make him wonder what kind of things are you planning that is suited for the special night. He will run to you as fast as possible to know the real plan!

  1. Let’s do whatever you want

Giving hi the control on planning dates are unusual but it might make the date way more exciting. This will make him way more attracted to you too! 

Signs that your boyfriend is crazy about you

Now that you’ve done all the tips and tricks, you need to know if all the tricks really work so here are the signs that it have worked;

  1. He initiate more time to be spent with you

He make plans after plans to meet you because it seems like one moment with you is never enough

  1. He contacts you a lot

He double text, calls in the middle of the day, or chat you a lot of times because he can’t get enough with talking to you

  1. He brings you gifts all the time

Man like to show their appreciation through little gifts and if he do this often, that means he is absolutely crazy about you

  1. He makes you his priority

He will come running everytime you need him and it’s a sign that he is devoted to you

Making a man crazy doesn’t take much and it can be done by saying a simple set of words to spice the relationship up. All you need to do is to send these things to say to drive your boyfriend crazy often so that he will feel that you are more and more irresistible. Then after a while, check the signs if he is already bound by your spell!

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