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28 Things to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend that You Still Love

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When you truly love a person it is very hard to make all the great memories go away. The great, lovely memories will likely to stay in your head for months. If this thought persist, it’s usually a sign that you still love him.


It’s hard to know what you want to say to your ex when in truth you are still in love with him. You need to have sweet and memorable words that will make him go back to you. Luckily, we have just that. Here are things to say to your ex boyfriend that you still love:

  1. Remember When..

Remind him of the good memory in your relationship and he will know that you have always loved him even after the breakup

  1. You Are The First Thing On My Mind Every Day

Being the first thought in someone’s mind means that they mean so much to you that your brain immediately runs back to that person whenever there is a vacancy

  1. The Love For You Never Goes Away

Its easy to think that after a break up, the love and compassion immediately goes away. Tell him this and he will know that you have never stopped loving him.

  1. I’m Always Here For You

Even after the bad phases, when you say this he will start to know for sure that you love him more than anything in this world.

  1. I Never Wanted To Let You Go

Hearing this will make his heart relieved because he also still love you but is scared to say it.

  1. You Never Left My Mind

These words means that when you break up with him, you never tried to find Ways to Move On From Your Ex because you never wanted to forget him

  1. I Can’t Find Someone Like You

Saying something romantic like this lets him know that he is special and that you have always wanted him.

  1. You Are The Best Thing That Has Happened To Me

This sentence is a reassurance that you are really showing him the Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly and that he is not the only one feeling it

  1. I Never Wanted Us To Be In This State

This shows regret of ever taking the rough road of break up. Even more, this shows him that you never wanted to let him go.

  1. I Would Choose You All Over Again

Saying this is definitely not the Signs of Conditional Love instead it is the opposite. It means that even though you guys have troubles, because you love him you would choose him all over again.

  1. Being Without You Is Unbearable

Him being gone is very painful and the phases of missing him is unbearable. This is because if the love is real it will really hurt.

  1. I Don’t Want To Spend Another Second Without You

When you don’t want to be without him, that means you really want him in your life  

  1. No one can replace you

Even though you have plenty of choices in the world, there is no one more special to you than him. Saying this is actually a great How to Make A Guy Emotionally Addicted to You

  1. I Want To Make This Better

You know that things are bad right now, but because of your undying love you would do anything to make the situation better.

  1. I Will Never Leave You Again

Promising him that you will never leave him and that your love will always be with him is the sign of a true love.

  1. I Only Want To Be With You

Life happens and you are presented with many different people. But still, there is no one you’d rather be than with him

  1. This Relationship Was The Best Thing That Have Ever Happened To Me

Although it hurts and there are many fights, the relationship still matters a lot because you really love him

  1. Everything Reminds Me Of You

Because you love him and you are not used to losing him, every little thing reminds you of him. He is always on your mind because the feeling of love is still there.

  1. Nothing Hurts More Than Losing You

Saying this will make him feel special and make him know that you really love him.

More tips on Things to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend

Some words can’t contain your undying love towards your ex. So here are some more tips on things to say to your ex boyfriend that you still love

  1. I Will Always Care For You

You never stopped caring for him after all this time

  1. Call Me Whenever You Need Help

When you still want to be in his life and make him happy, that really means that love is still in the air

  1. My Feelings For You Have Not Changed

Your love, passion, and care towards him never changed although many things have changed your relationship

  1. I Want To Meet You

Aching to be with him so much that you can’t wait to meet him is a sign of love

  1. You Are So Good At Making Me Miss You

It means that he is so perfect that you miss him every single second of the day

Signs that he still loves you

After all this words and all this compressed feelings, of course you are dying to know if he still loves you. So here are some signs that he still loves you;

  1. He Doesn’t Ignore You – he reciprocate your action to make a move towards him
  2. He Tries To Make You Happy – he tries to make you happy because deep inside he still love you
  3. He Sacrifice Things For You – he sacrifice his time and even his well being if he loves you. This is a Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally

When we break up of course it is painful. The feelings deep inside can be said with the things to say to your ex boyfriend that you still love. Once you have said it you will be relieved and the pain will go away better. Plus, who knows, maybe you can get together again with your ex!

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