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27 Ways to Cure Loneliness at Night #1 Entertaining!

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Loneliness is a silent killer. I can tell you that I have a fear of being lonely. Cause it feels like a zombie living in strange world. It’s like, you can see many people around you but you have no one to talk about. Then, you end up sitting alone like a flat sad potato. Thus, I believe that you also feel the same. That’s why you click on this article. Yeah, I got you.


Being alone and lonely are two different things. Being alone is when you got yourself in state of mind. You meet yourself in the piece and safe feeling. Yet being lonely is, my true story, having no one to talk when you really want to tell about your days. About what happened lately. Or, just about random things that you think it’s funny to tell. What is life.

So, here I go, will help you to figure out about how to cure loneliness on weekends. As most lonely time comes during weekends when all of your friends are hang out without you. Let’s get lonely together here!

  1. Do Things You Like

Well, you only feel lonely when you got nothing to do. The best thing to cope the loneliness is by doing all the things that you know never fail to entertain you. If you like cooking, go cook some good meal to your family or just for yourself. If you like playing game, oh go play it hard till you win all the levels. That must be so fun! Try it!

  1. Call A Best Friend

Alright! It’s not an option of some quiz but you can always call a best friend in any situation in your life. So, call your best friend and tell them about anything. Go tell them about your days, about your jobs, about the guy you met in the parking lot, and everything. Anything. Yes, you can always count on a really best best friend as you find them Ways to Make Your Best Friends Feel Better when they’re down. Also, ask them to go out. Have fun with your favorite best friend is always the best wild way to deal with everything in life. Cheers!

  1. Go Shower!

If your best friend is currently out of the zone, then I think you can do this trick. How to cure loneliness on weekends is just by showering! Yes!

If you’re a girl, you can go shower yourself while do some beauty treatments. If you’re a boy, you can just spend as long as you can to replace loneliness with some wild good stuff. If you know what I mean.

  1. Check Out TV

I don’t know if it works for you, but we can try this. When you feel lonely, TV is the easy option to take. You can turn on the remote and choose some good program on air. Maybe you need to watch Netflix or anything. Find your favorite program, comedy shows, lame dramas, or anything. I wish you could have one good to watch.

  1. Read A Novel

Yas! For some hardcore reader, they usually cope with loneliness by reading a novel. Not only one novel, but three novels in a day. Thus, reading is one wisest way to escape the world, to escape time, and yeah it’s to cure loneliness and problems.

So, just pick up one favorite novel and get lost there. I guarantee you that you won’t feel lonely. Well, if you wonder what to read, I can suggest you to read some Haruki Murakami, James Dashner, or Reza Nufa novels. That’s my favorite, anyway!

  1. Sing, Just Sing Along!

If you are not into reading so much, then you can sing. Sing everything! I believe that everybody in the world loves to sing. Either their voices could break ears, they can’t stop singing to express their feeling. Well, just turn on your playlist, turn up the volume, and sing.

Then, I have some recommend songs to sign while you feel lonely, they are some vibes of Taylor Swift, John Mayer, old songs from M2M is perfect, Westlife, The Chainsmokers, and more. Music never fails. Well, you can also sing about Things to Say to An Ex Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Bad

  1. Eat, Eat, and Eat!

Food always wins! Food will love you more than you could ever love yourself! Food will never leave you alone! Food will be always with you! Yes, food. You could just go to your favorite restaurant or order it online and just eat. Eat as much as you can. Eat till you feel happy again! 

  1. Dance! Dance!

So, singing is not enough. You need to dance to cope with loneliness. You just need to move your body and let it flow. Let the pain go as you step the dance floor. Enjoy your life. Well, some good songs to dance are Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus or dance like a lover with old 90’s songs. This is also the best Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

  1. Hang Out Alone is Good

Hey, there! It’s okay that you can hang out by yourself only! You can go to the malls and shopping. You can go walk for a miles. You can watch movies or just walk around. You can go to beach, mountain, lake, or the corner of the world. It’s okay! Don’t be alone cause somebody loves you!

  1. Prank People

I don’t know about you but I think we can say that prank people is fun. When I feel lonely, I love to prank my brother and my sister. I don’t know, I just think it makes me happy. Silly prank, yeah! It might sound childish, but what else can I do?

  1. Text People

Another lame way but it mostly works. Just text people and start the conversation randomly. Maybe you could also tell them about your days. However, maybe a small talk is not that bad. Ask how they are, they family, ot the weathers talk. Umm, this may be also your Ways to Move On From Your Ex (These Tips Works!)

Positive Ways to Do When You Feel Lonely

Here are more ways to cure loneliness at night:

  1. Mastering Your Hobbies – Whatever is this, you can use your spare time to mastering your hobbies. It’s better than blaming yourself of the emptiness. Fill it with good vibes.
  2. Redecorate Your Room – This is a true story that some people love to redecorate their rooms when they have nothing to do, that it makes them feel good again. Also, it’s a good idea that you may need new atmosphere.
  3. Studying – Yeah! If you feel alone, you can spend it for studying.
  4. Visiting Your Neighbor – Maybe you ever forget that neighbor is one closest family too. When you feel bored, you can knock them and have a good talk.
  5. Coffee or Tea – This one is never fail to entertain you. You can get yourself a cup of coffee while relaxing.
  6. Clean Up – Umm, maybe you got a time to cleaning stuff from your messy room of deleting some junk on your brain too.
  7. Talk to Yourself – If you feel alone and lonely just because people leave you and you have no one to count on, please talk to yourself. Maybe you just need some ‘Me Time.’ That’s not a bad idea. Be good with your own self. Also read about 1Reasons Why You Should Love Me now and forever

Still feeling lonely? Try this! 

  1. Get a chocolate
  2. Get an aromaterapi
  3. Take a deep breath
  4. Don’t hate yourself
  5. Don’t even blame people
  6. Tips to Cope Loneliness

Thus, I hope you know the ways to cure loneliness at night now. 

What You Have to Do When You Aren’t in Good Mood or Feel Bored

Here are more ways to cure loneliness at night on weekends:

  1. Get Yourself A Lover – Maybe all you ever need is a lover who could hug you when you feel alone. A love who will take you out of the sad zone. Please, get yourself a very warm lover to cuddle.
  2. Go Travelling – Maybe you just feel sick of jobs or stuff. So, book plane ticket and hotel room to somewhere where your loneliness can’t reach you.
  3. Love Yourself – Please, loneliness is a silent killer, too. It can turn out to be depressions and stres. Love yourself before it’s dangerous.
  4. Sleep – I don’t know but it’s one last advise we can all use. Just sleep deeply and hope things could be brighter in the next morning.

So, loneliness is happen to people. Don’t make it worse and sadder. You can cope loneliness with some good and fun things. Don’t be feeling lonely cause I am here for you. Remember this, loneliness is a silent killer, so don’t trap yourself into it!

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